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How to Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you need to know the right way to use Facebook for affiliate marketing.

It’s not very difficult, but Facebook has specific requirements for posting on their platform – and the FB leadership hates affiliate links.

We’ll cover 4 main points in this article. Click on the category to jump to that section.
You Cannot Post Affiliate Links On Facebook
The Easiest Way To Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Link
Why It Is Ideal To Capture Emails For Affiliate Marketing
What Is The Best Resource For A Landing Page Or A Bridge Page

You Cannot Post Affiliate Links on Facebook

There are plenty of alleged “guru’s” out there that will say you can post affiliate links on Facebook. Let me save you a lot of frustration and time – you absolutely cannot post affiliate links on Facebook.

Usually, when you “get away” with posting an affiliate link directly onto a Facebook page – it is either temporary or not repeatable. 

In my experience, it doesn’t take long for Facebook to find the link and flag your post as spam.  While you can appeal, it takes a LONG time…and sometimes nothing ever happens with the appeal.

Want To Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

Just Don't Do It (No Matter Who Tells You To)

Some “guru’s” recommend you use link redirectors to post the affiliate links on Facebook. This is another one of those strategies that might work for a period of time, but you will get caught eventually.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you can use Facebook – you just need to avoid posting affiliate links directly or you risk eventually getting your entire account shut down (from repeated violations).  Instead of posting the link directly onto Facebook, you need a bridge page, opt-in, or some other type of go-between (ideas coming up next).

That leads me to the second point of this article – the easiest way to send traffic to your affiliate offers from Facebook.

The Easiest Way To Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

3 methods to promote affiliate links for Facebook affiliate marketing

Facebook wants content. They want you to provide value to their users. Ideally, they also want you to keep the users on the Facebook platform.

Ultimately, you need to test different methods. The three methods that work quite well include:

  1. blog posts or articles
  2. using messenger to direct people to an opt-in form
  3. long form opt-ins

You will notice none of these sends the user directly to the affiliate offer. Instead, you’ll need to use some sort of “bridge page” or landing page to appease Facebook.

Blog Post or Articles

In the case of a blog post/article or a long form opt-in, you’re providing content on the page. 

If someone is interested – the will click on the link or sign-up.

Basically, this is pretty much the definition of content for Facebook’s requirements (videos work, too), but I caution that your entire site needs to be content.

Use caution if your primary focus on the website is eCommerce, you might consider placing your blog on a separate IP/Hosting all together (especially for Shopify shops since all the Shopify IP addresses are known for ecommerce).

Using Messenger

For the messenger option, I recommend you utilize a messenger bot (like this one) to deliver content.

Then, use a strategy like the ones we talk about in the article 4 Facebook Marketing Strategies To Increase Page Likes & Followers.

The name of the game on Facebook is engagement. If you need some ideas for creating engaging posts, you can get some ideas in the article How To Create Engaging Facebook Posts That Get Lots of Likes, Loves, and More.

Long Opt-in Forms

Longer opt-in forms can actually qualify as content.  This is because you really provide some sort of content on the page.

Some service providers will do this.  For example, an SEO specialist might outline a really long how-to article (that is super complicated and the hardest way to do whatever it is they are talking about so they can refer you to their service).  

Throughout the article, they will discourage you take your own actions and instead call them and pay them for the service instead.  The content on the page still includes details on how the person can do whatever skill it is on their own though, which makes it useful for promoting on Facebook.

Other long opt-in forms might have the purpose to warm-up their audience.  That’s all content with the end-goal to get the viewer to opt-in when they are ready.

See the Potential With Facebook & Affiliate Marketing

If you want to see the potential with Facebook and affiliate marketing, I recommend two different free online webinar trainings.

This first one shows you how to drive massive traffic from Free Facebook Fan Pages (this is the free strategy). Click here for that training.

The second one shows you how to use affiliate marketing and Facebook ads to generate up to $1,000/day. Click here for that training.

Why It Is Ideal To Capture Emails For Affiliate Marketing

If you are completely new to email marketing, you can get a free ebook and access to free training HERE.

You don’t have to be the best at email marketing to make money (in fact, I make money and barely do any email marketing).

BUT…you should capture emails at least as a back-up. 

If you’re like most of the Little Biz Resources group, you’re almost to the point where you slip into a coma from the topic of email marketing – but hang in there for just a bit longer!

What If I Don't Want To Do Email Marketing?

Yes, email marketing CAN be lucrative and remains one of the least expensive marketing methods…but, many people can’t make it through the emotional roller coaster.

If you don’t want to do email marketing, there is still a significant benefit to capturing the emails. Here are the main reasons.
♦If you ever want to run ads on Facebook, you can use the emails for direct marketing to your audience
♦If you’re running ads on Facebook, you can use the emails you have captured to create a lookalike audience.
♦If your social media accounts get shut down (like what happened with Pinterest not too long ago), you have a way to communicate with your audience to let them know where to find you
♦If any of your business gets shut down (like Twitter, Instagram, your web hosting…etc), you can hop over to email marketing
♦If you ever want to do email marketing, you have already started capturing emails.

Ultimately, it’s just a good business decision to capture emails. If you still decide you don’t want to capture emails – make sure you at least add tracking from Facebook and other social media outlets so you have the option to run ads at a later time.

If you are looking for help building an email list, take a look at this resource…click through and sign up for a free ebook HERE.

What is the Best Resource for a Landing Page or a Bridge Page?

What Is The Best Landing Page or Bridge Page For Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

This article doesn’t dive into details about each of these resources, but here are a few that are excellent for this method.

♦You can use WordPress and with the right hosting (like this one), you can get set up for minimal cost and create a WordPress site for a blog.

♦If you use WordPress, you can use Elementor Pro to create plenty of landing pages (and opt-in pages, long opt-in forms, etc).

Clickfunnels is amazing not just for building funnels, but for opt-in pages or setting up your own webinar with registration (yes, it’s amazing).

Convertri is another funnel building site, but you can also build entire websites. This resource is great for ecommerce options, too.

Focus On Content

If you are linking directly to a page from Facebook, make sure there is content (and that your site is primarily content). For example, a blog site.

If you are using the Messenger method to drive traffic, you can end your Messenger engagement driving traffic to a short opt-in page or a short bridge page (if you capture emails, use an opt-in page).  Once you are more savvy with Messenger, you’ll figure out ways to skip a bridge page or landing page and just capture emails from inside Messenger.

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