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Digital Marketer's Secret To Increasing Traffic and Buyer Leads With Ampifire

March 7, 2020 | Advertorial | Dr. Kim Christian


If you are looking to increase traffic and buyer leads to your website, here’s the secret on how to do that…

Digital Marketers Secret To Traffic and Buyer Leads

Summary:  Every online business needs leads and this article will show you the secret big digital marketers use to drive traffic and buyer leads.  No matter what kind of website you have, knowing this trick will help you succeed.  The “big dog” digital marketers use this very method.  Now, you have the opportunity to implement this very method for your website and start driving massive traffic.  This method is for anyone online, even if you have an affiliate site, a local website, or any other website!  This article will review the strategy/method as well as the Ampifire tool that lets you achieve the strategy/method.

Using Ampifire To Drive Traffic and Leads

I’m a digital marketer.  I use online marketing methods to drive traffic and leads to my websites.  Yes, I said websites.

I have a digital marketing agency (actually, 3), affiliate marketing sites, eCommerce websites, and even test websites.  All of them need traffic.

Testing various methods has proven that “free” traffic is very difficult and slow to achieve these days.  Running paid ads (Pay Per Click) can get very expensive to test.

When I first heard about Ampifire, I was intrigued.  I did think the claims were slightly optimistic, but I decided to give it a try.  I found out after the first Ampifire campaign that this was the exact element I was missing in my marketing.  I will share my results in this article.

What is Ampifire?

Ampifire is a system that uses a variety of content marketing methods to create and publish content to high quality websites.  

If that seems like a mouthful, it is!  It also mixes in a lot of words that have a variety of definitions.  For example, content marketing has many different definitions.  So does high quality.

You can see a free webinar on this strategy and the Ampifire tool here.  I’ll cover the main two elements you need as a digital marketer below: Branding and Authority.

Why Should You Brand Your Website/Business?

If you’ve ever taken a business class, you’ve heard about “branding”.  I can’t even remember what they taught in my business classes about branding, but I always thought they were full of something.

Branding was for the big businesses, right?  Well, times have actually shifted.  I guess if you push a “requirement” long enough, people start to believe it’s a requirement…even when it’s not.

Branding Requirements

Branding is now a requirement for any business online.  This shift seems to have happened specifically because of online marketing.  

Thankfully, “branding” can be rather minimal and as simple as picking a consistent name (like Little Biz Resources for this website and ALL of the online digital assets).  Do NOT get sucked into a ton of branding requirements unless you need it.  For our digital marketing purposes, we just need a consistent name (and hopefully, rather unique).

Branding Is A Type Of Authority

Well talk more about authority momentarily, but let’s look at it from a branding perspective.  If someone searches for “cell phone company” they see big name brands like At&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and perhaps Cricket Wireless (I always thought Cricket would die out because it’s a creepy name…I guess not).

If someone see’s something like “Kim’s Cell Phone Shop”, they will likely skim right over it and focus in on the names the RECOGNIZE.

Branding is an authority because people trust names they recognize more than ones they have never heard of!

Branding and Ampifire

Ampifire helps you build your brand by getting your name in front of people.  This is done by using the Ampifire tool to publish content on high authority sites.

The general method (there are several sub methods) is that you have your content with your brand name on hundreds of websites.  People browse those sites or they run searches and find those high authority sites.

Your brand name shows up on big name sites like USA Today, Fox Affiliate sites, NBC Affiliate sites, high authority blog sites, social media platforms, Slideshare, and more.  

As you publish more content, your visibility increases over time and you build some major momentum!

drive traffic and buyer leads with ampifire

How Does Authority Affect Visibility?

My sister and I try to have a discussion on “high authority” websites every few months.  I have a background in SEO (search engine optimization) while she does not.

I have yet to explain what “high authority” means when it comes to websites.  She constantly tells me it just doesn’t make sense (because it really doesn’t)…so, hopefully this will be enough to explain why “high authority” websites are useful.

In an academic atmosphere, a teacher would explain to a student that an authoritative (high authority) resource is something that has a process to verify the accuracy of the information.  For example, a peer-reviewed journal article.  Basically, something that has a vetting process before the information is published.

High Authority Websites

In the rest of the world, this doesn’t apply.  This includes websites.  A high authority website can literally have inaccurate information (yep, fake news is in this category).  It is considered “high authority” in the online world because of a combination of high traffic and validating external resources.

Sites like USA Today, Fox affiliate sites, NBC affiliate sites, Slideshare, YouTube, and more, are all examples of high authority sites.  Not because the information is valid (though, these are more legit sites for the most part), but because they all get high traffic and they all have other sources directing traffic back to those sites.

Can You Build Your Website’s Authority?

Maybe, but you may not need to build your website authority.  With Ampifire, you publish YOUR content and information on websites that already have established high authority.

Over time, your customers will see your brand name over and over – which builds brand authority.

It is also possible (though, this is much more complex) that your website builds website authority since you get high-quality links from those other sites…but this is a tricky topic to explain in a single article.  It’s also a Search Engine Optimization debate…so, we’ll skip this part of the potential benefits of Ampifire!

The main point is that you build your brand authority by using existing authority from established and well trafficked websites and you do that using Ampifire.

How Do You Get Ampifire?

Ampifire is a tool that is part of the 100K Shoutout Program.  You can see my full review of the 100K Shoutout Program here or just head on over to the Free webinar here.

As a tool, when you join the 100K Shoutout Program, you get access to 35 Done For You Campaigns.  

A campaign is a series of content pieces that publish to hundreds of websites.  Several of my campaigns recently published on more than 400 sites including USA Today, Fox Affiliate Sites, NBC Affiliate Sites, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and many other sites!

The power behind this type of content marketing is exceptional because you implement the branding authority of listing on hundreds of high authority sites.  Plus, when your information shows up on hundreds of high authority sites, your information shows up more readily in front of your audience.

Who Needs Ampifire and 100K Shoutout?

The 100K Shoutout Program teaches two core strategies (though the training easily applies to other strategies).  The first strategy you learn about is applying the power of Ampifire to affiliate marketing.

The second core strategy taught with 100K Shoutout teaches you how to utilize the power of Ampifire to help local businesses rank in local search results.  This helps you build a digital marketing agency where you can sell services to local business leaders.  

When you build your confidence and customers, you can build a $100,000+ per year business – hence the 100K Shoutout.

So, who needs Ampifire and 100K Shoutout? (It’s easy to say “everyone who wants to make money…but let’s be a little more specific.)

  • Anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing
  • Anyone who wants to build a digital marketing agency (no need to learn all the digital marketing methods, the power of Ampifire is more than enough to get you enough clients to build a $100k per year business)
  • Any business leader that wants to build their Branding and Authority

Again, I could say this is for anyone, but you need to have the time (on average 2 hours per day) to build your business.  You can choose both primary paths (affiliate marketing or digital marketing agency) or just focus on one.

Here’s my review on 100K Shout Out if you want to see more, or you can go straight to the free webinar and see how you can get started.