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100K Shout Out Review and Bonus (Ampifire)

100k shout out review chalkboard

Hi everyone!  Dr. Kim Christian here with my 100K Shout Out Review.

If you already know how awesome this is and want to jump to the sales page, go here.  Otherwise – read on and find out about 100K Shout Out.

What is 100K Shout Out?

“The 100K Shout Out” is actually 2 parts.  The first part is a training and the second part is access to a new software program called “Ampifire”.

Included in the training, you’ll get the creator’s suggestions on the best industry to dive into if you are looking to make money.  Additionally, you’ll get recommendations on the best niches as well as guidance on products you should promote.

Essentially, the 100K Shoutout part of your purchase is TRAINING (and these guys know what they are doing, so it’s definitely people I recommend).  

The training and resources will walk you through everything you need to know to build, expand, or even add to a business.  Inside the training, you’ll learn how to build a business from scratch to $100,000 per year (hence the 100K part of 100K Shoutout).

As part of your initial purchase, you also get access to the brand new Ampifire software, which will help you build traffic and SEO value.

Access to Software

The Ampifire software is a new tool from the company PressCable.  PressCable is primarily a press release company.  The owners built the company a few years ago from scratch and made it one of the leading press release companies.

As digital marketers, they felt the pain of all digital marketers and the need to be everywhere all at once.  It is exceptionally difficult to create an “omnipresent” presence today with so many different platforms and content mediums.


For example, I teach a concept called Web Syndication.  That’s where you automatically share your content to a variety of online digital assets (like social media, blog sites, bookmarking sites, and other “high authority” digital locations). 

Web Syndication

One area I skip…because it’s a ton of work and most people rarely make it through all the digital assets I already recommend, is turning content into slideshows or podcasts.  

Think about how time consuming this is – you create a blog post and a video, then you share that content to your assets.  Then, you need to go back and create a podcast (which might be just the audio of the video…but might not be depending on your content), and share that to your assets.  After that, you create a slideshow and share that to your assets.

The DIY Marketer is more than overwhelmed!  If only there were a way to create these additional content pieces without having to manually do all the work!

drive traffic and buyer leads with ampifire

Ampifire Solves The Problem

This new software has several key elements that help “amplify” your presence online.

Once you have content or somewhere to direct your online traffic, you answer a few questions to have PressCable create a press release (takes around 3-4 minutes).

It can take a day or two (maybe a little longer during launch) to get the press release back.  Once you approve it, the magic happens.

Your press release goes out to blog posts…then it automatically converts it into podcasts, a slideshow, and a video.

It also auto posts to major networks like Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Slideshare, Podbean, Buzzsprout, and TONS of press release sites.

Google News Press Release!

Yes, it even sends your press release to GOOGLE NEWS!

I diligently searched for a DIY method to replicate this, and I cannot find anything that is even half as valuable as this.

*Please note, that I do not recommend this method for creating sole content – still use your digital marketing strategies.  This literally boosts your website, digital assets, and more because of the authority of the sites.

On that note, let’s talk about the authority of these sites.

Help Your Site Rank

In a very recent webinar on my education site (Lead Generation Source), I spent almost 2 hours explaining how to get a site to rank over other sites.

The secret is a combination of elements, but the hardest part is building your site’s “domain authority“.  Domain authority is on a scale of 1-100 where new sites are 1 and sites like Wikipedia are at 99.

I discussed backlinking from authority sites with PRESS RELEASES.  Why?  Because you see domain authorities like the following.

press release distribution
press release domain authority associated press
Press release domain authority fox news
press release domain authority CBS news

Press Releases Through 100K Shout Out Have Authority

Did you notice the domain authority of those sites?  That’s just 3 news outlets – 92, 94, and 94.

Now, if you are new to SEO and “link juice”, this might seem a little foreign.  The important thing to understand is that when a site with HIGH authority (again, the closer to 100, the better) has a link back to your site – this INCREASES your domain authority.

As your domain authority increases, and you continue building backlinks from these authority sites – your website will start to rank higher (maybe even on page 1) for more keywords.

Some of these press releases alone will rank on page 1 – and they can even drive traffic back to your page/product/offer/content – whatever you decide to send the traffic to!

Let’s take a look at some of the other domain authority sites mentioned.

Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook, as social media giants, have fought the battle for their role in search engine optimization.

These are both recognized as valuable and authoritative sites (hold the snickering…we’re talking domain authority, not real information…well, go ahead and snicker – I am!).

As you’ll see from the images, both Twitter and Facebook have excellent domain authorities!

Twitter domain authority

With domain authorities also in the 90’s, it makes sense that we want our properties to have backlinks!

Now, if this doesn’t sound like enough social media platforms – rest assured, I’ve got you covered with my 100K Shoutout bonuses (discussed below)!

Even though we’ve hit quite a bit of domain authority so far, let’s look at some more.

100K Shout Out Ampifire Posts To Vimeo and YouTube

As I mentioned earlier, the Ampifire creates videos from your press release and actually POSTS them to Vimeo and YouTube.

Even though I still recommend unique video content for your actual posts, this is a perfect solution for those of you that don’t have the time or desire to create videos.

It’s also helpful in creating additional backlinks!

I’ll spare you the screen shots.  YouTube domain authority is 99 and Vimeo is 97.  Massive domain authority sites!

PodBean & buzzsprout

I used to hate my voice in recordings…until I recently set up my awesome Blue Yeti Microphone (but more on that some other time).

While I’m excited about the quality of recording my voice now, I’m still not quite ready to make my own Podcasts. Yet, these sites also have massive authority, and most of your competitors (or maybe all of your competitors) ignore this because of the work.

Ampifire takes out the hard work to create a podcast and get that highly coveted backlink.  Podbean is domain authority of 84 (still exceptionally high), and buzzsprout is a domain authority of 64.


Don’t let a domain authority of 64 shy you away – I’ve seen sites rank with a domain authority of 1 and many with a domain authority of 30-40 regularly make it to page 1.  

A link back from a domain authority of 64 can push you over competitors!

Who Needs 100K Shout Out

I would love to say this is for every digital marketer, but the reality is that this tool is better-suited for those who are going to take action regularly.

The price point of $2500 (or $3000 if you need to do the payment plan) is steep – but worth it ONLY if you can afford it.  Don’t buy this if you are not going to be able to pay bills!

I also recommend that only those of you that are willing to purchase additional credit (subscription or otherwise) should consider this.  Press releases and the value of any type of SEO require ongoing “maintenance”.

I specifically say this because you’ll get an up-front amount of credits for the Ampifire software.  After you use the credits, you’ll need the monthly subscription (or buy credits as you go).

While the monthly subscription is not required, the powerful Ampifire is ideal for creating campaigns regularly.  

Personally, I plan on using this regularly for a variety of projects – and I’m looking forward to all of those high authority backlinks and the exposure from the press releases.