Bait For Your Dream Customer

what is bait for my dream customer
We’ve talked about the importance of funnels as well as identifying your dream customer.
Now that we also know where we can find our dream customers, we now need to entice them to become our ACTUAL customers.
Continuing the concepts from Russell Brunson in DOTCOM SECRETS, we create bait by having a good hook, story, and offer (more on those momentarily). 
Think about bait just like if you were fishing. For those of you who have never fished before, here’s a quick down and dirty of bait.

What Is Bait?

what exactly is bait for my dream customer
Bait comes in different shapes and (I assume) flavors. Sometimes bait is something like a worm and sometimes it’s something like a lure.
Different fish are attracted to different bait. Personally, I do not follow which bait goes with what fish, but my dad does. When he takes me fishing, he tells me which bait I need for the type of fishing we are doing.
When you are trying to attract your dream customers to become your ACTUAL customers, you want to use the right bait for the right people.

Place Bait In Front Of Your Dream Customers

place bait in front of your dream customers
That’s why we know who our dream customers are (including what they like) and then where they are hanging out (where we place our bait).
I used to try to teach this a different way and tell people that you need to find what platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) where YOUR audience hangs out.
It is the same concept. If you have a great hook, story, and offer, but you place it in the wrong pond (put the information on the wrong platform), then you are not likely to catch many fish. Or, in this case, you are not going to attract your dream customers because they are not there!

Offer, Story, Hook - DOTCOM SECRETS

Russell Brunson, in DOTCOM SECRETS explains the importance of bait and how it includes a hook, a story, and an offer.
He explains these in reverse order so you can build each of the elements to complement each other. For consistency, I will follow the same order and we’ll talk more about these in future articles.

The Offer - Overview

The offer is where you create a valuable resource that your dream customer absolutely loves. The important element here is VALUE.
Value lies in the eye of your dream customer. If you’ve researched your dream customer, you likely know what they value.
For example, my dream customers are in the DIY SEO (search engine optimization) niche. These are business leaders with limited time. Something of value is my video that teaches Advanced SEO Tactics With Only 10 Minutes A Month.

I get asked about this all the time, so let me add it here: Not EVERYONE (even if they are all your dream customers) will be interested in your offer at the time they see it.

Not Everyone Is Hungry At The Same Time

Much like when it comes time to eat…not everyone wants to eat the same thing at the same time!

When we have family gatherings (and back when restaurants were open and not limited) we could hardly even agree on the same restaurant and almost no one would get the same thing.

Even if your offer is amazing with the best “fries” and you’ve included an amazing dessert…there will be plenty of people that are not interested.  That is perfectly acceptable!

Expect A Low Conversion Rate

expect a low conversion rate
The numbers tend to vary, but generally, anywhere from 3-5% of your page visitors are ready for the information at that given time.
Yes, we can increase this by fine-tuning and narrowing our dream customers to the ones most likely ready (and using a funnel)…but it’s important to understand that you will only get a smaller percentage of people that are interested in your offer at that given moment.
Another time, we will talk about the importance of re-targeting and following up with the potential 95-97% of people that will be ready for your offer at a later time.
For now, you should understand the importance of creating a valuable offer that relates to your dream customer.
Make sure you review DOTCOM SECRETS for more details on the offer.

Story - Overview

The story is exactly what it sounds like – the story behind the offer. Why did you create it? What is in it for your dream customer?
In marketing in general, there is the concept of tying the offer to an emotion.
Story-telling gives you the chance to tie your offer to an emotion that will make people want your offer.
Typically, these emotions tie back to one of the big 3 marketing angles – Health, Wealth, or Relationships.
In the One Funnel Away Challenge, you learn about this concept is detail to help you tie your offer back to one of these three areas.

Hook - Overview

The hook is where you will capture the attention of your dream customer. While the bait includes all 3 – hook, story, and offer…you will use the hook specifically to attract attention.
A hook is written specifically to create curiosity and intrigue. Ideally, someone reads the hook (which is also the title of your funnel page) and just the hook makes them want your offer…but that takes practice!
A good hook is not too difficult to create. You can use templates to help you form a good hook. You can get a set of 20 hook templates here.


In DOTCOM SECRETS, Russell details the bait you need to attract your dream customer.

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