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Upcoming New Marketplace - Do You Sell Online?

Marketplace integrations

If you sell online or want to start selling online – this marketplace is a must.  It’s brand new, and we’re building it for you!

Let’s discuss a little about what you see in the image above.

A Home Base For Your Listings and Products

As you see in the image, our new marketplace is in the center of the picture.  This is because it’s your home base for integrations with other resources. **We are still building all of this, but it gives you an idea of where we are going.*

Why integrations?

Generally, integrations are critical for inventory control.  If you have a limit to the number of items you can sell, you need some sort of inventory control so you don’t sell too many and then have to cancel orders.  Also, integrations help you update inventory on your other sales locations so you don’t spend valuable time doing this manually.

Integrations For Lead Capture & Customer Service

One of the big customer management tools online is email marketing software.  Email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing methods!  While we will integrate with popular names like AWeber and Mailchimp, we also want to integrate with our favorite email marketing software, Mailvio, and Groove (since you can get 500 email contacts completely free with Groove – here).

I’ve only listed Printful for a print on demand integration, but we have a 2nd one we are working on…so, you’ll be able to create thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of listings without every having to carry inventory.  Of course, we’re only adding in quality print on demand companies (like Printful).  Once we launch for Beta access (click here to sign up for updates), we’ll announce more of what’s up our sleeve for integrations.

Messenger Marketing

Built in the marketplace platform is the ability to add your messenger.  Customers can live chat through your very own messenger (for your business page).  This means you can add a bot, capture emails, offer special discounts, and more.  We’ll have training on how to do all of this!


In the image, you also see Google Shopping and Groove.  Even though I mentioned Groove in email marketing, Groove also offers a membership platform, funnel builder, website/page builder, and more (you also see it in other sections, I’ll talk about soon).  Get your free Groove account here.  As I already mentioned, there is more in this section…but we have to keep something a surprise for later!


As we dive into 2022, selling online requires more strategy than it has in the past.  All eCommerce sellers need to take a multi-channel selling approach.  This means, we need to sell on more than one marketplace.

Clearly, our marketplace is not going to have the traffic of Etsy or Amazon as we get started.  Our focus isn’t on just traffic from us.  We’re not in this to make money for US (though, that’s not something we would avoid).  As online sellers ourselves, we KNOW how hard it is to get traffic.  

We also know that we can sell on one marketplace and never get found where we sell on another marketplace and do tens of thousands of dollars in a month.  It takes time to master each marketplace.  We are NOT experts at all of the marketplaces, but we’ll bring you training for each of these with links to advanced training when appropriate.  

Just to give you an idea of the value we’re offering on our marketplace – we want to let you integrate with as many marketplaces as possible.  We can definitely integrate with Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay.  I added Bonanza so you see I want to also let you integrate with Bonanza.  For most of us, selling on our own website means paying a 3rd party if we want to integrate.  That means paying an extra $30-$180+ to sell on multiple marketplaces, above hosting fees!  We’ll have different levels of subscriptions for those of you that want integrations and those that don’t.  We expect it will save you that $30-$180 each month!

Your Websites

Having your own website is still a good idea.  In fact, if you want to build your own website free to get started, use GrooveKart on Groove (click here to get a free account).

We know some of you already have your own website on Shopify or WooCommerce.  We don’t want to make you switch- so we’ll include integrations for those, too!

If you don’t have your own website yet, that’s ok.  Get started on our marketplace, and we’ll walk you through building your own website (and then integrating with it).  That way, you don’t have to have hosting costs or need to learn an additional listing process.

About The Author- Dr. Kim Christian

Dr Kim Christian

Thanks for taking the time to read my content!  I am Dr. Kim Christian, but the only person that calls me that is my daughter when she’s pretending she’s opening a business!

Most people just call me Kim (or mommy when my daughter isn’t playing business owner).

My priority is to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners build sustainable online businesses (or for “real world” businesses, expand to online).

My sister and I started our own eCommerce marketplace.  If you’re interested in getting on the list for early access, sign up here.

To Your Success,

Dr. Kim Christian