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Pinterest Group Boards (by Chatty Review)

Pinterest Group Boards

Looking For Pinterest Group Boards?

You’ve found the request page for joining the Chatty Review Pinterest Group Boards (owned by Kim with Little Biz Resources – I’m consolidating here)!

I have several boards to choose from, so please note these rules prior to submitting your request.

Chatty Review Group Rules

  1. Absolutely no inappropriate content!  This includes pornographic, “soft” pornographic (like lingerie, “sexy” swimsuits, or pretty much any images with people missing clothing), and obvious inappropriate pins. If it’s inappropriate for a 6 year old, it doesn’t belong on my boards.
  2. Do NOT repeat pins for at least 60 days.  If you want to pin back to the same content – create and submit a NEW pin.
  3. Make sure you Follow my Pinterest account!  That will also make you following the board(s).  You can find my account here.
  4. Only request access to boards where you will contribute and share pins from regularly.  It’s pointless to be a part of a board if you don’t plan on participating!
  5. Do NOT make sections in the Group Boards.  They hold no value, and make it harder for some users to share your pins.
  6. Max # of pins – 20 per day per board (and only submit pins related to that board…so only request to join the boards that match your pins).
  7. (Optional) Join my Facebook Group and collaborate with like-minded individuals:

How To Figure Out What Boards to Join

To figure out what boards you want to join, I recommend you PREVIEW each board.  I will remove any pins that don’t belong on a board and if I see that you are spamming the board or otherwise abusing the Group Board(s), I will remove you and report you if necessary.  

Now that the “rules” are over – now for the fun part!  I want you to succeed with Pinterest Marketing and Group Boards can help you do that. Review the current group boards and then submit your request below.  

You will note there are 3 (yes, three) Etsy related boards.  This is for those of you with lots of products and pictures!  Since you can only submit up to 20 pins per day to each board, I recommend you join the 2 general (and the Jewelry specific) to help you maximize your pins per day.  Otherwise, feel free to just join one if you want!

Here are the current Pinterest Group Boards:

Etsy Shop Pins | Unique Etsy Finds – by

Great Etsy Finds – by

Gift Ideas | Unique Gift Ideas | Birthday | Christmas | Mother’s Day | Wedding | Father’s Day – by

Tips For Blogging | How To Start A Blog | Blog Advice – by

Fashion and Accessories – by

Best Amazon Products | Things To Buy On Amazon – by

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube – by

Amazing Etsy Jewelry | Earrings | Necklaces | Rings | Bracelets | Cufflinks – by

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