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Pinterest Mass Account Suspension - This Is Why You Need Omnipresence

Pinterest mass Suspension why you need omnipresence

It’s July 1, 2021 – the first day of the 2nd half of the year…and Pinterest account owners across the globe panic as they receive an email about their Pinterest account suspension.

Did all of these account owners do something wrong? Why would Pinterest do something that drastic – it undoubtedly affect their users across the board?

This is an ongoing event – check back for updates!  In the meantime, let’s talk Digital Marketing Omnipresence on today’s Live webinar and Q&A.

What is Omnipresence for marketing?

You’ve probably heard of omnipresence when it comes to God.  It’s the same thing, but focused on digital marketing – “present everywhere at the same time” (online for our purposes).

Get more details about this in the video below.