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Octosuite Review (Updated 2019)

**Octosuite is no longer available for purchase!  If you’re looking for a new solution, join my Facebook group and let me know what you are looking for:

Octosuite Review

Dr. Kim Christian here.  Thank you for checking out my most recent Octosuite Review, revised in 2019 (and double-checked as of August, 2019). 

I’ll share how I use the software and the benefits of using Octosuite.  

Keep in mind that any software connected or working with Facebook is subject to change while Facebook changes rapidly- but Octosuite remains a valuable tool for Facebook Marketing.

Ready to get started with Octosuite and skip my review?  Head HERE for the sales page (affiliate link).

Octosuite Review - Quick Overview

First of all, don’t waste your time with the lower levels of Octosuite – just buy the $47 Ocean Edition.  You’ll see from the pricing why it’s such a great deal.  

If you already have Octosuite, this is a tool we regularly discuss in our Facebook Marketing.  I invite you to join my Facebook group and network with like-minded individuals!

If you haven’t kept up with the changes from Facebook – Octosuite DOES NOT currently support posting to groups (no tool does unless it’s your own group).  

While this was one of my favorite functions in Octosuite, other changes on Facebook may have made this a blessing in disguise (like, posting to a large number of groups can get you suspended from posting to groups – and eventually banned, or your account shut down).

Despite this change, Octosuite still has significant value for your Facebook Marketing.  The video below provides an overview of the features available and a little bit of the strategy.  Take a look at the video, then purchase Octosuite HERE (affiliate link) to get access to my Octosuite Bonuses.

2019 Octosuite Review

*Get Octosuite HERE (affiliate link) and get access to my exclusive bonuses (outlined below).

Using Octosuite To Build Page Likes

My core reason for using Octosuite these days is to find potentially viral content to share to my page.  NOT BORROW!  

Too many people want to make everything on their page look like it is their content.  With vague credits (or no credits) to the original author, you risk losing your page if someone files a copyright claim against your content.

It’s not worth the risk – besides, SHARING the content keeps the algorithm in tact.  This means you actually benefit from sharing popular content your followers would like.

When you share that content, Facebook rewards you by showing your SHARED POST to people that are not already associated with your page.  You can then invite new people to your page!

I outline this method in detail in this post on my other blog site here.

Octosuite Upsell Options

As I mentioned earlier in this post, you should just get the Ocean edition ($47) of Octosuite for the front-end.  This alone will get you far!  Here are the upsells that you can get after you purchase the front-end.  You can purchase that HERE (affiliate link).

Syndication Bundle ($37)

This upsell to Octosuite is the capability to schedule content to 5 Twitter accounts (formerly, you could also schedule to Pinterest and LinkedIn but both platforms have changed their access – so if you’re looking to automate posting to Pinterest or LinkedIn, this is NOT the tool for you).

Considering the changes to the Pinterest and LinkedIn API, I no longer recommend this upsell.  Based on information from both platforms, it is not likely these will be coming back to Octosuite.  Twitter has options for connecting automatically to many platforms – so I would check into that option instead.

VIP Training ($37)

This Octosuite upsell is access to training that teaches you ways you could monetize social media management with this tool.  Technically, it would be Facebook marketing management – so if this is something you are interested in, you can get this upsell.  Just know in advance that this information is slightly outdated, so you may find the information inconsistent with what you can do on Facebook now.

Affiliate Link Cloaker/Image Editor ($47)

I did not purchase this upsell.  I am hesitant to work with anything that attempts to cloak links on Facebook because Facebook likes to punish people for that type of action.  If this fits your business needs, get it.  Otherwise, don’t!

PLR Rights for 10 Accounts ($197)

I did not need this when I first purchased Octosuite, but it comes in handy now.  This is a great resource if you want to resell some accounts (or give them away).  If you have virtual assistants – this is a good option for you!

Octosuite Bonuses

When you purchase through my link here (called an affiliate link), I make a small referral fee.  This doesn’t cost you any more and it helps support my websites and testing to bring you the most current information and strategy.  To thank you for purchasing through my link, I’ve included the following Octosuite Bonuses.

Octosuite Bonus #1

Exclusive training and strategy for using Octosuite to increase your page likes and make money from your efforts (if you so choose).  This is above and beyond the information you get in the training provided by Octosuite.  This training is exclusive for those who purchase through my link and provided through my membership site (Lead Generation Source). *

Octosuite Bonus #2

Access to the Lead Generation Source Facebook Marketing Training.  If you are brand new to Facebook marketing, or even if you aren’t new – you’ll get some great optimization tips and step-by-step instructions on how to set up your page for optimal success.  I sell this course separately for $97.  You get it for free when you purchase through my link. *

Octosuite Bonus Disclaimers

*These bonuses are automatically delivered to the email used when you purchase Octosuite and provided through my membership site Lead Generation Source.  To access and keep these bonuses, you will need to keep your information current and stay on the email list – this is the only way I can update you on any changes to the bonuses.  If your email does not work, you need to update your information, or you unsubscribe – the system will remove you from the membership site (because it can’t send emails).  If this happens to you by mistake, please contact me through the CONTACT page (here or on Lead Generation Source).