LinkedIn Alternative for Business to Business Leads

LinkedIn Alternative - B2B Can Rejoice!

Are you a B2B Professional looking for new leads or a small business leader looking to connect with other professionals? 

Tired of the unprofessional contact requests on LinkedIn or looking for a LinkedIn alternative? 

A new social media style platform for business professionals is launching very soon!

Now is a great opportunity to get rid of the noise and clutter found on LinkedIn and get back to building those symbiotic professional relationships. Watch the presentation to get information on BeeKonnected, along with Kim’s own personal commentary (because I can’t help it).

To sign up and get the bonuses mentioned in the presentation, go to: or

To join the Little Biz Resources Facebook Group go to:

Watch the Kim presentation here or scroll down for the official presentation from BeeKonnected.

You can watch the official overview presentation below!