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Kibo Eclipse Review & Exclusive Bonuses

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Kibo Eclipse launches in January, 2022!  If you missed out on Kibo Code or Kibo Code Quantum, you’ll definitely want to check out Kibo Eclipse!

As a user of both Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum, I’m excited to share the official Little Biz Resources Kibo Eclipse review and exclusive bonuses!

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What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse review and bonuses

Kibo Eclipse is the 3rd year of the Kibo Code eCommerce training.  Kibo Code was the first year, then in 2021 we had Kibo Code Quantum.  Now, for 2022, it is Kibo Eclipse.

The quickie overview: eCommerce training (dropshipping model), website with hosting included, exclusive dropshipping access, & unique marketing methods!

Basically, you get the entire eCommerce business model to improve your odds of success with eCommerce.

Keep on reading for more information on Kibo Eclipse and our bonuses!

Kibo Eclipse pre-launch starts January 19th, 2022.  You can sign up HERE to get notifications and updates from us about Kibo (or just come back here when it’s the 19th).  

There were A LOT of people that jumped into Kibo Code Quantum.  Kibo Eclipse is bound to be an even bigger hit.  The “sales pitch” is also free training.  I recommend you at least watch that!  Sign up HERE and I’ll send you an email when it’s open.

Kibo Eclipse Review

Kibo Eclipse review and bonuses pros and cons

At the time of writing this, we can’t really provide an accurate review of Kibo Eclipse (no one really can, yet).  

What we can share is what we know from the prior Kibo years as well as our experience with eCommerce models from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton in the past.

We’ve been participating in eCommerce programs from Aidan and Steve for a long time (probably at least 6 years…maybe longer).

Kibo Pros and Cons

There is no such thing as a perfect business model, especially when you’re first getting started or have not had prior success.  Many of these programs exist to give you step-by-step instructions and then you have to do the work to make it successful.

Ecommerce changes rapidly.  Especially with the changes following the introduction of the pandemic.  But, with all business models comes specific advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s take a look at Kibo specific pros and cons so you get a better idea if this is for you.

Pros of Kibo:

  • Dropshipping business model – no need to keep inventory
  • VERY easy to do – step by step instructions, support, and a forum
  • Your own site – don’t need to compete on price (software is included for a period of time)
  • Current marketing strategy – training on what’s working right now (effectively)
  • LOTS of people have had success with Kibo

Cons of Kibo:

  • Potential logistical challenges – most of the suppliers get their product manufactured overseas (you could have low stock and delayed restocking)
  • Not unique products – even on your own website, you’re selling products others are selling…you might need to get creative to show the value of buying from you
  • Refunds to dropshipping company can sometimes get tricky

Kibo Eclipse Exclusive Bonuses from Little Biz Resources

Kibo Eclipse review and exclusive bonuses

We’ve been in eCommerce for a while.  We’ve made A LOT of money with eCommerce.  After experimenting with every eCommerce model out there – we have a pretty good idea of what it takes for success.

So, we (Kim and Crisi) have put together these exclusive bonuses for those of you that purchase through our link for Kibo Eclipse. 

Please note: normally, we’ll make exceptions for people to get some of our bonuses if they are in our “group”, but these cost us money so these are ONLY for people who purchase Kibo Eclipse (and only guaranteed after the refund period).

*We might end up adding more bonuses to this.  If you sign up for updates HERE, we’ll send out an email with any updates to the bonuses.

Bonus #1: Pinterest eCommerce Workshop ($197 value)

Pinterest is WONDERFUL for eCommerce…but only if you can get traffic!  Pinterest is ever-evolving and we’re constantly testing (plus, we’re in groups with other people also testing).  

For this bonus, we will run a workshop that teaches you the best practices.  Pinterest takes some time to get traffic – but we’ll share how you can boost the potential visibility faster.

In addition to the workshop, you’ll get step-by-step video instructions to make sure you know the whole process!

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to the Master Marketing Course ($3500 Value)

This course is brand-new and revamped!  This is the ultimate Marketing Omnipresence and Multi-Channel Selling course.  You’ll get information on how to automate all of the marketing possible (unfortunately, not everything can have automation).  

Step-by-step videos walk you through the entire process, we’ll include a variety of resources (free when possible).  With your eCommerce business – we’ll introduce you to a variety of automation techniques and integrations options to help you reach more people, build your followers/customers, and build online assets to promote your business.

You can apply the strategies to other businesses as well (not just eCommerce).

Bonus #3: New Marketplace Membership, 5 Years (value $3,600+)

We have created our own Marketplace!  It launches in January, 2022 for Beta access.  After Beta, we will offer a variety of subscription levels.  When you purchase Kibo Eclipse through out link, you can claim 5 years of our top membership.  This is estimated at $60 per month, but we might offer a higher subscription – and you’d get that one.

Here are some of the benefits of our marketplace:

  • No ads.  We will never place ads on YOUR listings.  Unlike other marketplaces, your shop on our marketplace really is your shop.
  • Benefit from the marketplace experience – we drive traffic to the marketplace.  As an early adopter, you’re more likely to get found when people search.
  • Staff accounts – It’s hard to grow when you only have one login to the marketplace – the login that has access to financial information (and a VA could potentially mess up).  Our marketplace has Staff access. Add an assistant or several assistants to help you add listings, manage customer inquiries, and more.
  • Live Chat via Messenger – Customers have questions and want fast answers.  In addition to an email messaging system, you can add in your Messenger access.  This means you can include Messenger Bots to answer questions faster, redirect live inquiries, or just provide coupon codes while capturing emails or phone numbers (really, anything Messenger Bot related you can now do).
  • Integrations/Connections – Make our marketplace your home!  You can manage inventory and connect with other marketplaces, email marketing, and other connections to help you grow and automate your eCommerce business. 
In addition to the marketplace, you also get access to free training to help you market your products.  For Kibo members (and only Kibo members at this time), you can list dropshipping products!  Many marketplaces do not permit dropshipping, but as a special bonus for those who purchase Kibo through us – you’ll get to list dropshipping products.