The Kibo Code Review

The Kibo Code Review

Hello!  Dr. Kim Christian here – thanks for stopping by to check out my Kibo Code Review. 

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the kibo code review

Kibo Code is launching again!  Below is a video review for the 2021 launch- but for those of you that are eager to see the business model that did exceptionally well in 2020 CLICK HERE.

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What Is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is a brand new eCommerce training from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.  They have brought many eCommerce trainings and resources to the market over the last several years.  Each one has proven to be innovative and great timing for eCommerce.

The Kibo Code is no exception!  Unlike other popular eCommerce courses, here are some of the things you DON’T need to worry about:

  • You do NOT need to sell on Amazon (if you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll want to check out this course).
  • You do NOT need to deal with warehouses.
  • You do NOT need to deal with foreign suppliers.
  • You do NOT need to run Facebook ads (oh, don’t get me started on FB ads).
  • You do NOT need to worry about inventory.

The Kibo method is the “easiest to understand, simplest, most predictable and profitable business model” ever taught by Steve and Aidan.

Dr. Kim Christian

Dr. Kim Christian

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I am Dr. Kim Christian. I run several websites and this one is for affiliate marketing and sharing resources.

I also specialize in digital marketing with an emphasis on Brand visibility and Search Engine Optimization.

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Who Is The KIBO CODE for

Who Is The Kibo Code For?

The Kibo Code is basically for anyone interested in eCommerce.  It is easy to implement and faster to see results.  

You don’t need to build a brand, no need to create a website, and no worries about copyrighting.

This eCommerce method is great for anyone from beginners through to those that are experienced.

the kibo code bonuses

Kim's Kibo Code Bonuses - effective 2021!

I’ve moved the bonuses over to the newer and official Little Biz Resources Kibo Code Quantum Review here.

2020 Kibo Code Info (If You Want To See The Differences)