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Kibo Code Quantum Review 2021 Plus Dropshipping Overview

Kibo Code Quantum Review and Bonuses from Little Biz Resources Kim Christian

I’m doing something a little different in this post.  First, I’ll cover my review of Kibo Code Quantum and Bonuses.

After that, I’ll also include more information about dropshipping for those of you that are new to the eCommerce business model!

Plus, I’ll give you a little sneak preview of some additional “free” traffic methods you’ll get from me.

If you’ve made it here and already know about Kibo Code Quantum and just need the link, click here for the sales page.

Kibo Code Quantum and What 20+ Years Of Ecommerce Has Taught Me

Kibo Code 2021 vs. 2020

For some reason, it takes me less time to do a video – so I went ahead and started the Kibo Code Quantum Review with a video!  In this review, I talk about some of the differences and challenges we had in 2020…and why Kibo Code Quantum for 2021 has solved almost all of those challenges.

How Can Kibo Code Generate Such Great Sales?

Now, when I do the written part – I’ll cover all the things I forgot to mention or expand on some thoughts.  There may be some ranting and extra videos as time goes on, too.

Back in the day, I used to see sales videos that promised tons of sales, roll my eyes and decide it was “too good to be true”.  Usually, it was.

Thankfully, times have changed and most of the shady people get kicked out of their industry within a short period of time. Don’t worry – Aidan and Steve have been around for a LONG time (and I’ve purchased many of their programs).

Yet, because I remember how I felt, I completely understand why someone would question a business model that shows such great income shots.

Is It Possible To Really Make Those Kinds of Sales?

Kibo Code Quantum Income Screenshot

I don’t know this person, but all of the income shots you see in my video or in the sales webinar came from Kibo members.  There are plenty of additional people who shared their success in the dedicated forum – and plenty of people that did NOT share their success (but still had success).

By law, no one can show you an income report and guarantee you will find similar success.  And really…there is no way to get two people to do the exact same level of success.  In Kim’s world (which is an interesting place), I look at an income screenshot like this and say “why not?”

Kim, Don’t You Have Experience?

Yes, and that’s part of why I now look at income screenshots differently.  I know how to read these much better than other people.  I know the good, the bad, and the hiding.

I look at the screen shot above and I see:

  • Gross income of $60,000 
  • Most likely profits between 20%-50% (depending on advertising costs), but maybe a little lower if they were “new”
  • So, probably at least a profit of $6,000 in a month – which would be at least $72,000 to go towards my other adventures…or maybe pay bills
  • What if they didn’t make a profit? Then it was probably because of advertising costs, and with that much in sales, they have a pretty good customer list.  That means lower advertising costs in the future with re-targeting/re-marketing, look-a-like audiences, etc.
I actually have a lot of additional thoughts, most of them aimed at “how can I replicate that?”

What Kibo Code Quantum Does Differently

It’s hard for me, with my experience in a variety of eCommerce models, to look at Kibo Code truly objectively.  

As I mentioned in the first video, 2020 definitely had challenges with the initial Kibo Code version.  The most significant challenge was the supply chain disruption from anywhere.  If you remember – we had our ports shut down for a while.

Even now – January, 2021 – suppliers continue to have problems!  You can see a screenshot below from one of my suppliers (not for Kibo, but for another one of my stores).

Another one of my suppliers flat out told me that the reason they couldn’t get shipments out faster was because they couldn’t find people that wanted to work!

Thankfully, the world has figured out a way to keep the supply chain moving – even if it is a bit slower.

In addition to inventory issues, we also ran into additional costs with Shopify (I was paying about $100 a month and only had a fraction of the apps I needed).  Then, our marketing method was paid ads through Google Shopping.

Kibo Code Quantum Eliminates Those Challenges

Even before the 2021 Kibo Code was announced, Aidan and Steve hinted at the change of removing Shopify.  I was VERY pleased to find that they had created their own system for us to use – no need for Shopify!

Then, they mentioned using a free source of traffic.  I’m always cautious when a system relies on free traffic because those channels tend to dry up rather quickly. Yet, when I heard about the free traffic source – I new it was true! (Sorry, you’ll have to watch the webinar to see what that traffic source is!)

In fact, my sister and I had been discussing that very traffic source.  We work with a lot of other small business owners through our various businesses, and many people had reported their business had exploded with this free traffic source.

So, if I thought the Kibo Code in 2020 was great, but had challenges because of supply chain issues, using Shopify, and using paid ads – all of those are now corrected with Kibo Code Quantum!

While It Seems Perfect, I Do Have A Few Concerns

I will acknowledge that my concerns are not specific to Kibo Code – but about any system. 
In my experience with many training programs – almost all of the times I would consider myself as “failing” was not because of the system.  Instead, it was because of my lack of action.
With this system specifically, I do worry about the free traffic source.  It could be limited.  The good news is that I have spent the last 3 months setting up alternative free traffic methods and testing them – most likely, one or more of those could be a backup.
Really, the main concern is that if you get Kibo Code Quantum, but don’t take action – you could end up “missing out”.  So, I guess the moral of my concerns is that you need to TAKE ACTION to make this work.  *To clarify – the training will not go away!  I just think that if you don’t take action, you’ll get overwhelmed trying to catch up (but if you do join through my link and get behind – reach out and I’ll help you get caught up).

Kim's Kibo Code Quantum Bonuses

As with many of my reviews, I include bonuses for those that purchase through my link.

I have been a student of Aidan and Steve’s for several years, and I know they offer quality programs.  As such, I’m willing to offer some excellent bonuses to help you succeed!

*Disclaimer: Most of these bonuses are only available after the refund period has passed.

Bonus #1 - Visibility and Publicity Campaigns ($3,000 Value)

These are campaigns I run for my clients, usually for branding.  Even though you are not necessarily branding for this business model – you can still use this to drive MASSIVE buyer traffic to your products.

These visibility and publicity campaigns are where I get businesses (or even people) mentioned in top websites like USA Today.  You can use this for this ecommerce business or any other business/website you have!  

For the Kibo Code bonus #1, I run 2 campaigns for you.  An actual real-world value of at least $3,000 (I charge $1500 per campaign).  To see more about what these are, see the branding campaigns here.

Bonus #2 - Personal Coaching Call With Me! ($2500 Value)

Everyone needs a little coaching.  Even I get coaching from time to time!  I hold a PhD in Business Administration and I specialize in systems and processes that improve traffic and SALES. I have extensive experience running my own businesses – local, eCommerce, and affiliate!

I do answer general questions (for free) in my Lead Generation Source Facebook Group, but this gives you a chance to get coaching specific to your needs and concerns.  I have had clients finally start making sales after working with me and others increase their sales and traffic significantly.  Of course, there are no guarantees, but this is a great way to get an “outside” perspective.

  • 30-60 minute “call” – this can be by phone, or if you want to show me information on the computer, we’ll hop on my platform where you can share your computer and talk with you mic on your computer
  • You can also email me additional questions for 60 days after our consult.  That way, you get to ask questions about any actions you put in place.
  • This is your time – so we can talk about whatever you want help with.

Bonus #3 - Resell EP Laser Products (Priceless - I had to have at least one listed as this)

I don’t actually offer the opportunity for people to resell the EP Laser products.  We tried it once, but the company we went through was a nightmare.

We’ve been talking about it for a while now, but it’s kind of a challenge to set up.  I’ll overcome that challenge for anyone who purchases through our link.

We primarily offer ORNAMENTS, which means they mostly sell at Christmas…but we have a pretty good variety and they sell fairly well despite massive competition.  We do have other products that we sell OFFLINE (custom order requests) that I’ll open up for you to sell if you choose.

*We may have to get creative on how we connect this, so plan on this being later – but let me know as soon as possible if you are interested!

Bonus #4 - Google My Business Workshop ($1500 Value)

Google My Business is primarily for local businesses that have a physical location or a service area.  I use it as a sort of grey area for eCommerce.

I’ll run a Google My Business workshop that will give you details on how you can rank for local searches (and ecommerce terms are frequently showing as local search terms now).  

You can decide if you want to run this as a potential source of traffic or not – either way, you’ll get some great information on marketing with Google!

Bonus #5 - Pinterest Pins for 5 Products, Tailwind Tribes Submissions ($1,000 value)

Pinterest is exceptionally powerful for eCommerce products that have good images.  Since the Kibo code provides good images that are already known to convert – it’s a great place for your products!

Since most of my followers stumble with Pinterest, I’ve decided to add this on to help boost your traffic.  

You will choose 5 of your products (typically 5 products you are selling fairly regularly so you know they convert well), and I will create a variety of pins.  Then, I’ll share them to all my related boards AND I’ll submit them into all the related Tailwind Tribes.

Then, if you want to create more pins for other products, I’ll submit up to 5 more each month through the end of December!  Maybe longer, just depends on how busy we get. 😉 

Bonus #6 - Email Help For Anything Kibo ($1,000 value)

Have you ever worked through a course and got stuck when on something, only to have to wait several days for a response from support on how to get past it?

I’m pretty good at Kibo setup (which is where most people get stuck), so I’ll be available to help you over any hurdles to help you get set up (or if you have other things you get stuck on).  

I put “email”, but last time, I hopped on a Zoom meeting when people who bought through me got stuck on something.  This is separate from the coaching call!  If we can’t coordinate a time, I’ll probably just record the fix and email you a link to the video showing you how to fix it. 

Bonus #7 - Manufacturer/White Label/Private Label Training ($297 value)

Get access to a special course that teaches you how you can manufacture, white label, or private label your own products.  One of the biggest challenges with the Kibo Code business model is finding suppliers with enough inventory to support many sellers – but when you sell your own items, you control the inventory!

This is NOT mandatory to run Kibo code, but I’ve been manufacturing and reselling my own items for over 10 years now (profitably).  I’ll teach you ways you can add on or pivot to your own products.

Bonus #8 - Lifetime Access To The 12 Week Master Marketing Course (or whatever it ends up getting named) ($3500 value)

This 12 week course starts shortly after Kibo Code closes.  We’re going to build out multiple marketing channels and boost our traffic to just about EVERYWHERE (everywhere we set up at least).

All of the secrets to marketing to multiple channels, adding in automation, driving tons of traffic – you’ll get them all.  This course is specifically designed to support Kibo members!  We’ll work around webinars and adapt the course based on training available – since I’m doing Kibo, too!

The secrets shared in this course are the combination of multiple courses – each one worth thousands of dollars.  I’m going to teach you secrets you probably can’t find elsewhere!  But the best part is that when you implement all of the methods we cover, you’ll get your Kibo store(s) and products in front of LOTS of people!

Set For Success

Clearly, no one can guarantee success, but Kibo code Quantum is the closest business model RIGHT NOW that will get you there.  You still need to do the work and put in the effort.  

You will get everything you need for success within the Kibo code training and the resources provided by Aidan and Steve!  I just wanted to create bonuses that support you!

As you can see, my Kibo Code bonuses are set up to help you succeed with your marketing for your Kibo Code store(s).  Don’t be shy about reaching out to me.  I have two passions in business – digital marketing and eCommerce! 

How To Claim Your Kibo Code Bonuses From Kim

The best way to reach me is through Facebook Messenger!  When someone purchases the Kibo Code through my link, I do NOT get their information…which means you have to send me your transaction info!

You should get a receipt from Clickbank that provides that info.  Copy the transaction number, then shoot me a private message through Messenger.  Go HERE to see my personal profile and send me a message.  

More eCommerce and Dropshipping Resources

Whether you get Kibo Code or not – I’ve got a free gift for you.  It’s access to the Little Biz Resources membership area.  I’ll keep adding more courses – for now, I have a course that walks you through various monetization methods and a course on affiliate marketing.

If you would like to join the free membership area, just go here.