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Groovekart - Free Shopify Alternative for ECommerce Businesses (Groovekart Review)

GrooveKart free ecommerce website

ECommerce is here to stay!  If you’re looking to get started in eCommerce but don’t want to pay for a website – get one for free from Groove (and when you connect through our link, you’ll get special access later…check the bonus section for details)!

Free Shopify Alternative

We’ll dive more into the details of GrooveKart, but a quick comparison is to Shopify.  Both GrooveKart and Shopify are HOSTING for eCommerce websites.  

This type of hosting is perfect for your OWN website (versus listing on a Marketplace like Etsy or Amazon).  In this article, you’ll see why GrooveKart is a good option as a free Shopify alternative.

Groovekart - Free and Paid Options

Before we hop into all the great benefits of Groovekart, there are some differences between the absolutely free version of Groovekart and the Paid Version of Groovekart.  Plus, whether you opt for a free or paid version, it’s all part of the world – which is even better news for Groove users!

Groove Free Vs. Paid Comparison

In the following image, you’ll see the difference between the free Groove package (which includes Groovekart stores) and the Paid version.  

For Groovekart, you’ll notice it only shows the difference between online credit card rates and the rates to add on 3rd party payment processors.  If you’re just getting started – the free version is perfectly fine!  As you grow, you’ll want to upgrade to save money…and if you are dedicated to eCommerce (which, I think you should be) then you might want to check out the currently available Lifetime Upgrade (more on that later).

Take a look at the differences in the image below, and we’ll talk about more differences afterwards, plus how you can get started with your very own Print on Demand website for free with Groovekart (plus, bonuses for both the free and paid levels from Little Biz Resources)

Groove comparison

A Few Other Groovekart Paid Vs. Free Differences...

A couple of things not outlined in the image above is the delays between setting up stores.  If you’re new, you may not be thinking about a 2nd store – but it’s something you need to know about to make a decision!

Shopify lets you have 1 store per email login and you pay for each store.  The free version of Groovekart lets you create more than 1 store (I currently have 3 on a free account)…but you have to wait 30 days to create a new one.  The paid version of Groovekart lets you create more than 1 store…but you have to wait 7 days to create a new one.

Personally, I don’t think the waiting period is a big deal since you’d be building one website at a time.  Plus, plenty of people never need more than 1 ecommerce website!  So, the waiting period may not matter to you – but at least you know about it now.

Groovekart Review & Overview

Groovekart add new store

After signing up for a free Groove account (HERE), you navigate to Groovekart and you’ll see an option to Create New Store.  Do that.

You’ll choose a unique subdomain on Groovekart to place your site.  If the one you want is taken, just pick something else.  You’ll eventually assign your own domain to the website – so this is just a way to make your store unique on all of Groovekart (Shopify does the same thing).

Then, sit tight and wait a few minutes for your site to get processed.  Even if you are a 0 in the queue, it can take a few minutes to process.  Just refresh your page after a few minutes.

groovekart store being built

GrooveKart Settings

Groovekart settings

You can’t sell without having settings (especially billing settings) input on the store.  I recommend you start with the settings. 

You can walk through the recommendations under the “start selling” section on the dashboard or go to the SETTINGS section (bottom icon on the left) and fill everything in you can find.

Payment Gateways

A quick note on the payment gateways.  You can use Paypal on the free level, and apply for GroovePay.  If you want additional payment options, you’ll need to upgrade!

Store Information

Make sure you complete all the settings, but the Store Information section is where you can upload your logo and favicon.  


Groovekart and Print on Demand

free ecommerce store

We are BIG fans of Print on Demand (we have an entire training on it).  Groovekart integrates/connects with the same Print on Demand company we recommend – Printful (click here to sign up for a Printful account).

Free Training: Check out our Print on Demand training free on Youtube to get started with Print on Demand (including how to create your own designs).

If you are looking for a way to get started in eCommerce completely free, you can use Printful with a free Groovekart account!

Keep reading for how to connect Printful with Groovekart and then see our BONUSES (even for the free accounts).


How To Connect Groovekart and Printful

First, make sure you have a Printful account.

Second, make sure you have a GrooveKart account.

You need to copy over the API from Printful into the POD section of Products in the Groovekart site.  In the following video, you’ll see how to bulk upload files to Printful and then create products and publish them to Groovekart.  Plus, you’ll see how to add the API from Printful into Groovekart – it’s super easy!

Groovekart Pricing

If you are brand new to eCommerce, you can easily get started with Groovekart completely free.  Just sign up HERE.

As of the time of this post, there is a lifetime option to upgrade.  The price is a on-time payment of $1997 or there are payment options.  There are A LOT of features I haven’t covered yet (because that would be a post on it’s own) – but you can see the value by registering for the next webinar on the sign up page HERE.

Don’t let the price scare you (because there is a free option).

More Than Just An ECommerce Store

While Groovekart is the app for the ecommerce store, Groove is a series of apps that offers a WIDE variety of features.  Scroll back up to see that image and you’ll get an idea of what’s included in the free or paid versions.

With this one tool, you’ll be able to start (or grow) your ecommerce sites, funnels, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more!

Check out the next webinar to see if the paid version is for you (because you should definitely get the free version no matter what – sign up here).

Groovekart Bonuses

Free Level Bonuses

Free level:  Yes, we have a bonus for the free level!  There are two bonuses, but one will be a while before it is ready.

First – you’ll get access to a membership area with training specific to Groove and how we use it (such as the Print on Demand training with detailed instructions on how to set up your Groovekart website to maximize visitors).  This will take some time for us to put together, but you’ll get it when it’s ready.

Second – you’ll get special permission to connect your Groovekart site to the Merchlet Marketplace.  The Merchlet Marketplace is OUR marketplace that we built to help eCommerce professionals get some momentum.  While we offer a special subscription level for anyone that makes a purchase, the free version gets a free upgrade to include integration between their store and the Merchlet marketplace!  

Paid Level Bonuses

If you upgrade to the lifetime account, you’ll get access to additional special bonuses.

Bonus #1: Pinterest eCommerce Workshop ($197 value)

Pinterest is WONDERFUL for eCommerce…but only if you can get traffic!  Pinterest is ever-evolving and we’re constantly testing (plus, we’re in groups with other people also testing).  

For this bonus, we will run a workshop that teaches you the best practices.  Pinterest takes some time to get traffic – but we’ll share how you can boost the potential visibility faster.

In addition to the workshop, you’ll get step-by-step video instructions to make sure you know the whole process!

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to the Master Marketing Course ($3500 Value)

This course is brand-new and revamped!  This is the ultimate Marketing Omnipresence and Multi-Channel Selling course.  You’ll get information on how to automate all of the marketing possible (unfortunately, not everything can have automation).  

Step-by-step videos walk you through the entire process, we’ll include a variety of resources (free when possible).  With your eCommerce business – we’ll introduce you to a variety of automation techniques and integrations options to help you reach more people, build your followers/customers, and build online assets to promote your business.

You can apply the strategies to other businesses as well (not just eCommerce).

Bonus #3: Merchlet Subscription, 3 Years ($2160+ Value)

We have created our own Marketplace!  It launches in January, 2022 for Beta access.  After Beta, we will offer a variety of subscription levels.  When you purchase Groove Lifetime through our link, you can claim 3 years of our top membership.  This is estimated at $60 per month, but we might offer a higher subscription – and you’d get that one.

Here are some of the benefits of our marketplace:

  • No ads.  We will never place ads on YOUR listings.  Unlike other marketplaces, your shop on our marketplace really is your shop.
  • Benefit from the marketplace experience – we drive traffic to the marketplace.  As an early adopter, you’re more likely to get found when people search.
  • Staff accounts – It’s hard to grow when you only have one login to the marketplace – the login that has access to financial information (and a VA could potentially mess up).  Our marketplace has Staff access. Add an assistant or several assistants to help you add listings, manage customer inquiries, and more.
  • Live Chat via Messenger – Customers have questions and want fast answers.  In addition to an email messaging system, you can add in your Messenger access.  This means you can include Messenger Bots to answer questions faster, redirect live inquiries, or just provide coupon codes while capturing emails or phone numbers (really, anything Messenger Bot related you can now do).
  • Integrations/Connections – Make our marketplace your home!  You can manage inventory and connect with other marketplaces, email marketing, and other connections to help you grow and automate your eCommerce business. 
In addition to the marketplace, you also get access to free training to help you market your products. 

Questions? What are you waiting for?

The Groove Lifetime upgrade closes in a couple of weeks.  It’s free to watch the next webinar overview (HERE). 

If you have questions, feel free to hop into the Little Biz Resources Facebook Group and ask questions!

About The Author- Dr. Kim Christian

Dr Kim Christian

Thanks for taking the time to read my content!  I am Dr. Kim Christian, but the only person that calls me that is my daughter when she’s pretending she’s opening a business!

Most people just call me Kim (or mommy when my daughter isn’t playing business owner).

My priority is to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners build sustainable online businesses (or for “real world” businesses, expand to online).

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