Fade To Black Gives You The Secrets To Video Creation And Profits

Fade To Black from Joey Xoto is now live!

Hey there!  Dr. Kim Christian here.  Thank you for stopping my by review of Fade To Black.  To purchase the program through my link and get access to by bonuses, go here!

What is Fade To Black From Joey Xoto and Viddyoze?

Fade To Black is a training program on how to create highly valuable videos.

It includes everything from equipment and lighting options all the way through editing and special effects.

This is training from Joey Xoto – creator of videos that have generated over $20M in sales.

Want to see the replay covering everything included?  Go here.

Who Is This For?

The short answer is that this is for anyone that wants to learn or improve video creation skills.

Here’s the longer answer:

  • Anyone new to video creation and editing
  • Those who want to create their own high-quality videos
  • Those who want to create high-quality videos for clients
  • Those who want to start a video creation agency

Who Is This NOT For?

While there are ways to create videos quickly, this is NOT for people who think they just need to watch a video and know everything.

You will need to PRACTICE the concepts and follow along with the training.

If you do not have the “time” to learn and practice concepts, this is not for you!

Want to see what’s in the program before you commit?  Check out the replay here.

What's The Cost Of Fade To Black?

There are 3 offers you will see with Fade To Black.  Here is each and the cost.

Primary Product - Fade To Black ($47)

This is the front-end, primary product.  This is where you’ll learn all about video production, editing, and everything you need to know.  This info product, on it’s own, will help you create videos that are WORTH hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Upsell 1 - Fade To Black LightSpeed ($197)

This is the first offer as an upsell.  You get access to 4 Fade To Black Pro-Video Projects.  You’ll learn how to recreate 4 different projects and all the steps (which you learn in the primary product).  

This upsell is meant to help you practice and compile the skills you learn from Fade To Black…but much, much faster!  

Upsell 2 - Viddyoze Fade To Black Templates ($47)

It’s hard for me not to be biased on this one…I love the Viddyoze templates.  If you don’t have Viddyoze, you can see more about that here.  Even if you don’t, you get the templates and access to the Viddyoze software to create 15 elements really fast.

Kim's Fade To Black Bonuses

Yes, I’m excited about video creation.  Especially since it’s from the creators of Viddyoze.  

I’ve been a template club member for years with Viddyoze, and will most likely stay a member forever.

I always felt that most videos were good, but not necessarily cutting edge or catchy enough for me.  The videos I’ve seen from Viddyoze and Joey Xoto are absolutely inspiring.  That’s why I continue to support them.

With that said, I also want you to succeed – so I’ve included these bonuses.  These are bonuses I have purchased to be able to pass along – so only supplement information out of them!

Bonus #1

Fade to black bonus 1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Fade to black bonus 3

Bonus #4

Kim's Fade To Black LightSpeed Bonuses

For those of you that purchase LightSpeed, you’ll get access to these bonuses in addition to the above bonuses.

Bonus #5

Fade to black bonus 5

Bonus #6

Fade to black bonus 6

Bonus #7

Fade to black bonus 7

Bonus #8

Fade to black bonus 8

How To Access Bonuses

You will get access to your bonuses upon purchase.  

If, for some reason, you don’t get them – you can always log back into your purchase and get the link to the details!

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Thank You For Checking Out My Review And Bonuses!

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