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How To Offer Branding & Visibility Services - With Asigo Review


If you are looking to offer branding & visibility services, this guide will walk you through the steps you need to know.  This is 1 of 19 services you can learn well enough to start offering as an e-service within 24 hours.

Asigo Review Branding & Visibility Services

Summary:  All businesses benefit from branding and visibility services, you can learn this service and start offering it in less than 24 hours.  In this guide, you’ll find both free and paid resources.  You can access Kim’s free eBook and course walking you through all 19 services HERE.  One of the paid resources mentioned in this guide is Asigo, which helps you create an eServices dropshipping business for branding and visibility services. You’ll find a detailed Asigo review throughout the guide with bonuses listed at the end of the article.

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: The results mentioned within this guide are showing an example only.  Asigo is a dropshipping eServices solution and does not guarantee a return.  Results will vary and depend on the amount of work you put into your business. 

What Are Branding And Visibility Services?

The term “branding” is tossed around a lot, but for our purposes let’s define it as the name of a business.  Every business wants its name recognized for the industry it represents.  You might recognize names like AT&T or Verizon as cell phone companies, internet providers, or other mobile solutions.  Perhaps you have a favorite grocery store, or you probably know the names Walmart or Target.

These company names are examples of “brands”.  They are HUGE in their respective industries.  Most companies only dream of getting that big and having the visibility those companies have.  

While many big brands have easy websites so people either bookmark or type in the URL, smaller companies generally do not have an easy-to-remember URL.  Even if they do, many first-time visitors will search a company name.

Branding and visibility services help ensure that search results show information about the business.  Not just the business website, but other sites as well (think news and other blogs).  This lets your potential customer see your business as “popular” and gives it more legitimacy.

What Types Of Searches Are Branded?

Generally, a customer does a branded search to specifically find information on that business.

For local businesses, this can be to get a phone number or directions to a website.  It might be to check reviews or otherwise get information on the local business.

For other businesses, branded searches are usually to find the website or to find information about the company.

Branding & Visibility Is Critical For Converting Clients or Customers

I recently started working with a trading/investment company.  A friend of mine told me about the company and how he had done so well on the returns.  So, I went to the website and decided to do some research.

I went to Google and typed in the company name…nothing.  The business website didn’t even come up.  I went 10 pages into the search and couldn’t find one mention of the company.  There were a few negative reviews about a company with a similar name, but that led to a different website.

My decision on investing in the company changed at that moment.  I still invested a little bit of money because I trusted my friend, but it would have been much more if I could have found ANY information about the company.

I later told someone else about the company, and they went through the same process.  They asked me what I knew, and I told them the information I had – but they also chose to invest very little because there was ZERO information online about the company.

Branding & Visibility For Local Businesses

If you want to offer services that help with Branding and Visibility, I recommend helping local businesses.  Generally, local business owners and managers need help boosting the visibility of the company, especially in Google Maps results (local searches).

My sister knows that I build websites, rank them, and generate leads for several clients.  So, she called me one day and told me about a friend of hers that owned an Automotive Repair Business.  He had reached out to her to discuss options for a website.  He explained that he hoped a website would help people get directions to his business.

I ran a search for the company (I’m in the same city).  His business did not come up, but another business with the same name did show up – but it was in a nearby town and it was permanently closed.  When people did a local search, they got confused because they thought his business had closed. He was LOSING BUSINESS because people couldn’t find him.

As an experienced marketer, I knew immediately he had 3 problems.

  1. He did not have a Google My Business (GMB) listing for his business (now managed in Google Maps, in case you need to set yours up)
  2. The company name was not unique
  3. Once the GMB account launched, he would not beat out the closed listing because that business had extensive reviews, traffic (sadly, part of that was from his customers), and other factors contributing to the closed business ranking

Now, he doesn’t know anything about how online sites work.  Well, except for Facebook.  He found someone to manage his Facebook account. 

Essentially, all he knew is that he wanted people to be able to search for his business and it get found in the local search results so people could ask for directions and call him if needed.

To make the process as painless as possible, I created the GMB listing and submitted it for approval (you have to get the postcard before you can push it live).  While waiting for the postcard, I built a simple website (not necessary, but part of the package I offered) and prepped a Branding & Visibility campaign with one of my paid tools.  Once the GMB listing went live, I launched the campaign.

After the GMB listing went live, he had a few visits (probably my testing and his testing).  Then, within 24 hours of the campaign launching, he ranked in the first position of the searches for his BRAND/COMPANY NAME.

It’s been about 10 months since the GMB listing launched and he’s doing so much business, other issues popped up (like his phones cannot handle the number of calls).  While I only had to run one Branding & Visibility campaign, I do have a 2nd service that I run to help his business stay in the #1 position for his brand/company name.  More on that later.  Depending on the industry, this type of service is usually a recurring service.

How Do You Offer Visibility & Branding Services?

There are several ways to offer visibility & branding services for a client (or to do for yourself).  This includes free and paid options, where free takes your time and may not work as often, and paid is much quicker and is generally more effective.

I recommend a combination of both free resources and paid to be the most effective (I’ll discuss how to automate some of the free methods).

Keeping in mind that the goal is to help your client or site show up for branded searches when a potential customer does a search, some strategies are much more effective than others.  Let’s take a look at some free and paid options.

Free Methods For Visibility & Branding Services

My favorite free method is setting up a “distribution” network to other properties.  My method includes using the RSS feed (or a similar option) and automating updates to social media, bookmarking sites, free blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger, and more.  
You can create a distribution network (also called a syndication network) for YouTube channels, blogs, and any website that you can turn into an RSS feed or similar. 
Every time you create an update to the feed (for example, a post on a WordPress website), this triggers the automation and your distribution network updates.
This is an EXCELLENT method for showing up in searches – as long as the competition is not too high.  If your client or your website is in a competitive industry/niche online, then you’ll need to do more than just a distribution network.
Here are a few other free methods (though, not all resources offer all of these as free…see the notes).
  • Guest Posting – This is powerful when you can create a custom post on a high-profile website in the industry.  There are free options and paid options for guest posting.  If you want to offer your clients this option and use free guest posting, I recommend identifying a list of sites that permit guest posting for free by industry so you have it on hand.
  • Forum Comments – This is very manual, but can drive traffic back to a site.  If the forum is private, there is not as much benefit for “visibility”
  • Q&A Sites – Websites like Quora are a great resource for driving traffic and providing public information that can show up in searches.  Generally, you need to be a contributor which can take time to build to if you are new to Quora. With a domain authority of 93 (at the time of this post), it’s worth exploring if you want to put the time in to make it work.
  • Free blogs – Even though I list free blogs as part of the distribution network, the automation element takes away anything unique for that site and attempts to drive traffic back to the original location.  You may get followers on free blogs like, and you can create unique content on that platform as a strategy.
  • Google My Business/Google Maps Listings – These are critical for local businesses!  It’s free to set up.
  • Directories – Niche or industry-specific directories are a great way to drive traffic and help with visibility.
  • Press Release Submissions – not always an option for visibility on the free versions, but it can help with visibility if it is published publicly.
If you are interested in learning more about driving free traffic, make sure to check out my free course 19 Services You Can Learn And Start Offering Within 24 Hours.  Many of the services help drive free traffic.

Paid Methods For Visibility & Branding Services

If you are familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), you know that you need two things to make sure you rank high in search engine results – backlinks & traffic.
Backlinks are critical for BRANDING & VISIBILITY (yep, a double purpose here).  If Google and Bing don’t see your site linked to from other sites (called backlinks), then how would your site get traffic in the first place?  That is one part of the popularity contest for ranking.
The second part of the popularity contest is the traffic.  Google in particular will show your listing for a keyword to a searcher.  If people don’t click on it…they don’t think you are popular, and they stop showing you high up in the results for that keyword.
Keep in mind that search engines are trying to predict what people want and offer them content that will get them to come back for their next search (and then Google can offer ads to them again – so it’s important that people return).  When people click on a search results and find what they want – they are happy and Google can pat itself on the back and think it’s done a wonderful job.
This is one of those “which came first” situations.  How do you get traffic from organic search results if you don’t rank and how do you rank if you don’t get traffic?  Well, that’s BRANDING and TRAFFIC.  For Branding (and backlinks) I recommend Asigo or Ampifire.  They are from the same company, so if you find that solution is good for you – go with whatever fits your needs. Let’s take a look at the idea of Ampifire and Asigo and I’ll have an Asigo review for you at the end of the article.

If you want your client to show up on websites like USA Today, local news websites throughout the world,  and high-authority websites and blogs…then you want to do a paid option.  Even places like Yahoo News accept paid submissions.  

Some people reference paid “press releases”, though it’s not really press releases.  Instead, this type of service places articles on high-authority websites and blogs.  The company that issues these articles has created a relationship with the sites (many times a paid relationship) to post articles.

Asigo, which I’ll review at the end of this article, is a software program built so YOU can dropship this type of eService.  That means you offer the service, but you have it fulfilled by the Asigo team.  Asigo is built off of the original Ampifire program (see the Ampifire review here).

The primary difference between Ampifire and Asigo is that Asigo is the updated version with an automated dropshipping capability.  Ampifire you do manually – which I do for my sites.  If you want to sell the eService of Visibility & Branding Services, I recommend you look into Asigo (review and bonuses below).

*I have personally ranked Google My Business (now grouped into Maps Listings) local searches for higher competition industries (like digital marketing) in the first spot of local searches using JUST Ampifire.  So, you do NOT necessarily need the next tool – but I’m going to tell you about it since I use it all the time.


This is the 2nd resource I use to help train the algorithms (like Google Search and Bing Search) that a site belongs to a keyword.  I start with branding and build from there.  I mentioned earlier that I ran one Visibility & Branding campaign for a new client and the new Google My Business/Maps listing.  

Now, I use Sitepop to help Google realize that my client’s listing is the OPEN one that people want.  That has minimized how often the CLOSED listing for a completely different company shows up in the local search results.

I also use Sitepop for YouTube, Bing and Google searches, and Amazon.  I have had major success with all of these, so I automatically include that with services for my clients.

I will not go into detail here with this service, but if you’re looking to rank your sites or client sites for specific keywords, this is a great software to HELP with that (it can’t do it alone).  Make sure you check out my free course 19 Services You Can Learn And Start Offering Within 24 Hours.  I include case studies and examples of how I use Sitepop.

Asigo Review & Bonuses

My personal experience (so far) is with Ampifire.  I offer the eService of Branding & Visibility to clients.  Typically, I bundle it with other services because my clients are usually just starting their businesses.  That also means I charge a lot less than I should.  Most of the people in the Ampifire group report selling this service for $1500+ per month.  The cost varies based on how and when “credits” were purchased.  My credits average about $100 per “Amp”.  I can charge $500 a month (or even $300 a month when I first started) and still make money.

Asigo is different because it uses automation in the software.  You dropship a service, but with Asigo…you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment, it’s all done through your eStore. When you purchase Asigo through my link, you’ll get the following exclusive bonuses, plus the non-exclusive bonuses below.  Click HERE to secure your bonuses and see what Asigo is all about.

Asigo Review – Pros

One of the most difficult parts of Ampifire, which wasn’t really difficult but time-consuming, was that if you SELL the eServices, you had quite a bit of manual interaction with the client.  That’s hard to scale AND hard on the clients.

Pro #1: The primary benefit of Asigo is that it is a dropshipping model for eServices.  Specifically, you get to dropship the Ampifire service through an automated method.  You sell the service and the Asigo software connects with the service delivery team and fulfillment occurs automatically.

Pro #2: This is one of the easiest e-services you can offer!  That’s because Asigo makes it easy, and the Amps from Ampifire make it very effective!  If you want to sell e-services, this is the one I recommend you start with.  

Pro #3: If you skipped to the cons, you know I have this listed there as well.  There is a recurring monthly cost to this which lets you get 2 Amps for the $195 per month.  I’ve researched the Ampifire “competition”.  I found two different companies that claim to offer something similar to Ampifire and the price is $259 per release (comparable to an Ampifire Amp) and you have to jump through hoops to get it done (no automation there).  That makes the competition $518 for what you pay $195 for!

Pro #4: Amps from either Ampifire or Asigo are used in a variety of industries.  If you aren’t quite ready to sell the e-services, but you want the 2 amps a month for your own sites – you can use amps for eCommerce, selling services, affiliate marketing…well, any website, really!

Take a look at the Asigo sales information for more details


Asigo Review – Cons

Plenty of other reviews will tell you there are no cons with the Asigo system, but there are a few components of the system that I know will cause some people pause.  So, let’s look at those.

Con #1: Recurring fees – This could be a “pro” for some, but for others, it’s a “con”.  Asigo is an eStore and automation.  That means there is a monthly maintenance fee.  For the fee, you also get 2 credits per month.  The fee is $195 per month (which is about $100 per amp – right around what I calculated my costs at, but without automation).  If you do not plan on selling services or running amps for your own store every month…this may not be a cost you want to incur.  But, if you genuinely want to sell the Branding & Visibility services – the monthly cost for 2 amps is a GREAT price!

Con #2: Not all websites/brands will benefit from this service.  I mentioned some creative ways I’ve used Amps to build businesses.  I use Amps for all of my newer sites and all of my client sites.  I also build those sites, so I know they have most of the elements they need to rank correctly.  You do NOT need to know how to build sites, do search engine optimization, or anything related to that.  This is the easiest eService I have ever seen – but if you work with clients that have crappy websites or other issues with the business…this might be a waste for them.

The good news is that Asigo includes the training you need to sell the Amps.  If you want to go beyond this one eService and run website audits, offer SEO services, and other related services, I teach all about these and other services in my free course 19 Services You Can Learn And Start Offering Within 24 Hours.

If you want to start making money selling eServices, take a look at Asigo here.

Asigo Bonuses (with exclusive ones from Kim)

I have two sets of bonuses for you (I know, I’m amazing).  The first are not exclusive, which means other affiliates also offer them.  Then, I have some EXCLUSIVE bonuses that are so freaking amazing, I can’t even believe I came up with them.  All of the bonuses are to help you SUCCEED.  I’m going to tell you about these Exclusive bonuses you can only get from Kim when you purchase through my affiliate link (that’s how I can offer the bonuses…because they cost me money).

Asigo Exclusive Bonus #1: FunnelMates Account w/Quickstart Video ($100 value)

FunnelMates is a funnel-building site with a twist.  The twist is that there are a lot of affiliates on the site.  When you build a funnel on the site, you can have other people generate leads for you.  They do this because they are generating their own leads!  If you want, you can offer your eServices as well through the funnel and offer affiliates a % to help you sell your services.  

Asigo Exclusive Bonus #2: Website Templates (3 of them) – $1500 value

Asigo gives you everything you need for Asigo.  When your client comes to you and wants you to do something more, like build a website, you’ll be able to do it!  I only recommend building SIMPLE websites (a few pages at the most).  If you follow the Asigo training, you’ll end up using Convertri.  

If you don’t want to use Convertri, you will be able to get templates for simple websites for WordPress, Convertri, or Groove.  I’ll pre-optimize what I can and include a checklist for the other items you need to add.  You’ll be able to build a website for your clients within the day. Yes, you’ll get access to video training on this, too.  *The templates make this a load it, adjust the areas you need, and you’re done.

Asigo Exclusive Bonus #3: Messenger Bot Lead Generation Service + at least 10 months of Messenger Bot Service (unlimited subscribers) – $3490 value (double if we can get both FB and IG to work)

This is for Messenger leads!  For now, let’s say this is for Facebook.  I’m not quite 100% positive I can connect this to YOUR Instagram yet (it connects fine to mine), but if I can – you can add that, too!

This is a way to automate leads using Messenger.  I’ll set up the initial template and then you can stay on my subscription to my messenger bot until I decide to give it up.  Right now, it’s already paid for through the next 10 months (that’s where the 10 months at least come in).  You will get to keep the access as long as I keep my software access.

This is all automated and AMAZING.  The setup is normally $1,000 and then the cost for the software is $249 per month (x 10 months = $2490).  Of course, after 10 months, the value for this bonus just keeps going up.  I use this software for current clients and my own pages – so I am fairly positive I’ll keep it for a long time!  But, to play it safe…let’s be realistic on that value and keep it at 10 months.  Anything past that will just be an amazing bonus.

*Please note: in order to claim this bonus, you’ll have to add me as an admin to your FB page.  I have ZERO interest in doing anything other than setting up the chatbot and letting you be a “client” on my account – but the only way you can use this bonus is by adding me as an admin.  That also means I need to be willing to be an admin of your page – so, if you have a questionable topic for your page, reach out to me first to make sure you’ll be able to claim this bonus.

Asigo Non-Exclusive Bonuses – Click Here To See The Non-Exclusive Bonuses Worth $1,221


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