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How To Submit Site To The Little Biz Resources Business Directory

Looking to submit your website to the Little Biz Resources Business Directory?  You’re in the right place!

Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll enter your email into the box below.

2. I’ll email you the link to sign-up (and yes, it will only be emailed – I need an accurate contact from you if I have questions). *Make sure to check your spam folder and whitelist my email address to ensure delivery.*

3. By submitting your email, you agree to receive emails from me…and yes, some may be marketing emails.  As part of the Little Biz Resources family, I’m definitely going to share things that work.

4. If you aren’t already a member of the Little Biz Resources Facebook Group, join here.

Complete The Following

Complete one of these forms to get details on submitting your site to the business directory. Please note the following rules:

  1. All information you submit must be accurate.  If I can’t get a hold of you if I have questions, then I won’t add you to the directory (and I really, really want to!).
  2.  By entering your information, you agree that I can contact you – and yes, there may be marketing messages!  As part of the Little Biz Resources family, I’m going to share information that is WORKING.
  3. Select the form that best represents your business (services or goods).  If you offer a product, physical or digital, this is “goods”.  If you offer services, like SEO or Lead Generation, then select the services form.  If you have both goods and services, submit each form separately.

*By submitting your information, you agree to the above rules.  Also, I do not share your information with anyone.  Please review the policies (links at the bottom of the page) if you have questions, and you can always send me a message through the contact page with any questions.