How can a New Year’s Resolution start in September?  Easy, that’s when I decided to start my 2019 New Year’s Resolution.

Some people might call it cheating, but I do the same thing every year.

The end of November arrives, and I start to think about what I have not been able to accomplish that year and what I need to prioritize for the next year.  By the first couple of weeks in December, I’m looking at the items I might be able to finish BEFORE December 31st so I can make my resolution list smaller.

This year, I’m moving it up even further.  I’m going to start on September 1st.  Well, I’m really going to start on September 3rd because my week starts on a Monday, but I’ll use the days until then to identify items I need, things I can clear out of the way, and otherwise prepare.

Below is a video I put together explaining part of the process.  To get more details on the entire process, and learn the RIGHT way (this is really the Kim way), get the book on Amazon here.


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