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Print On Demand Training And Resources

How To Turn Your Designs Into Products with Print on Demand

If you’re looking to get started with Print on Demand, this page is for you!  Make sure you bookmark and check back, or sign up HERE to get email updates specifically related to the print on demand training and resources.

What Is Print On Demand?

If you’ve been following our Print on Demand Series on YouTube (here’s the playlist), that’s probably what brought you to this page!  I’m updating as fast as I can.  For now, this is where I’ll post the videos when they are available.

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If you’re following along or working through our Print on Demand series, you can jump to the section you need the resources or want to review.  Just click the section from the links here (coming soon).


Printful Repeating File Sizes

I went through every product on Printful and pulled out the “All-Over” products and file sizes so you knew which ones worked well with repeating designs (and these will likely work well for automation).

Most of the products have their own dimensions, but a few have multiple products that work for those products.

At the time of posting this, there are 84 file size you need (some products have 3, 4 or more files for the 1 product).

I put the list in a Google Sheets page and posted it in the same folder as the other resources.  Access it (and make a copy for yourself) HERE.

Once I have the Photoshop files, I will also post them in that folder if you prefer to just download the files already made.

Automating with Photoshop + Power Automate Desktop

That was a lot of work to put that video together.  Here are the elements you need.

First, let’s do Power Automate Desktop.  If you have Windows 10, you’ll need to download it.  Windows 11 users should have it built in.

*I could not replicate the instructions by copying from my computer.  Instead, I saved the txt file and loaded it to my Google Drive.  You can see the file and should be able to download it clicking HERE.  The name of the Photoshop file is “Photoshop PAD Instructions”.

LABELS: For many of the designs, you can brand the product with a label.  There are 2 label sizes that repeat through many designs, then others for specific products.  

These 4 sizes you can just create a brand for, a 5th size is for fabric and you can add on a copyright notice if you want.

2.5″ x 1″

2″ x 1″

1.5″ x 1.5″

4.5″ x 3″ (this is for a bean bag cover)

15″ x 1″ (this is for the fabric – runs along the selvage, or side, of the fabric).

Fix Your Power Automate Desktop Instructions

How you change each of these sections is outlined in the video (timestamps to jump where you want is in the YouTube description). There are 4 lines you only need to change one time.  The 5th line you change with each pattern.

♦ Change Line 1: You need to change the Folder Destination to YOUR folder holding the file templates

♦ Change Line 3: You need to change the Photoshop location to YOUR Photoshop location

♦ Change Line 5: Change mouse click for filling the file – I recommend you select the middle of the file

♦ Change Line 11: Change the mouse click for the export button when you “export as” – this click actually clicks the EXPORT button after the command “Export As” (shown in the image below – it’s on the bottom right”.  

Export button for line 11

This change you need to make before running each automation.  You replace the name of the pattern!

♦Change Line 13 from “designname” to the actual name of your design and DO NOT USE A SPACE (replace this each time so you have unique files for each pattern and don’t accidentally mess up your automation or delete prior files).

Fix Your Power Automate Desktop Instructions