Thanks for checking out my Pixel Studio FX review (a real one). This review is for the original version!  It is no longer available, but the new version is set to release September 19th.  Bookmark this site, and as it gets closer, I’ll make sure to update this page with bonuses, too!Pixel Studio FX image

Yes, I’ve seen some fake ones floating around about a free business…so I’ll spare you from that rant!  As you may or may not know, I’m a big believer in the DIY (do it yourself) part of business.  Of course, that’s only when it’s practical and you save enough money to make it worth it (I also believe in hiring employees).  I am self-taught in several software programs in Adobe and Corel so I could create my own products because I was tired of spending money paying someone else.  I still spent a lot of money and a lot of time, and now I just do not have the time to dedicate to learning all the new updates with either line of software programs.  I still dabble in them, but when it comes to making covers…it just takes too long.  So, when this software program was announced, I was so excited!  I was able to get a sneak preview and tally up my thoughts for you.

Pixel Studio FX Review- SHORT VERSION

SUPER EASY!! – I honestly cannot believe how easy this software makes creating a cover.

TONS OF TEMPLATES (with great graphics), 20,000+ different combinations.

POINT AND CLICK user friendly interface.

MAKE MONEY by making covers for others or SAVE MONEY making your own.

Pixel Studio FX Review



So, as I mentioned, I use both Adobe products and Corel products.  I’ll probably keep using them for the areas that do not involve cover design, but I am so excited about this product.  I have only written 2 e-books so far, and after spending weeks on writing the second one…I didn’t want to spend a ton of time or money on creating a cover for the book (especially since I am giving it away for free).  So I came up with some lame cover that didn’t really present the quality of the work in the book.  I spent over 30 minutes putting JUNK on the cover of my ebook.  Well, it’s about time I updated the cover!  After a sneak preview, a lot of my concerns were answered, so I’ll address the concerns I had here.

Ugh, I don’t want to learn ANOTHER software program (especially when Adobe and Corel are so hard and so opposite of each other).

“Learn” is rather a subjective term.  Since I’m working on a PhD, my learning potential is rather inhibited as I filter all of my energy into the degree.  I’m not really even sure you can call this “learning” a new software program.  Sure, you have to read a few words to make sure you click on the right thing, but the amazing, intuitive nature of the software program will make it feel like you already know how to use it.  It is so simple, with a super clean layout.  It is so easy to find and customize.  Trust me, I have spent a lot of hours learning the nuances of both Corel and Adobe and I still have a lot to learn.  Pixel Studio FX is so easy, I wish I had it a long time ago.

Well, what if I want to design a cover for multiple items (like a book and a cd)?

No worries!  If you want a Kindle, iPhone, IPod, books, membership cards, software boxes, cds…just about anything you could ever want to put a cover on is available through Pixel Studio FX.  You can apply the same cover to each type of product or make different ones (though, I vote for the “branding” method and keeping it similar…it looks cleaner).  You can even create “group shots” for promoting multiple items (when purchasing the product level that supports this feature).

Pixel Studio FX Multiple Products

What if I want to add my own images or backgrounds? 

When they say you can “customize”, you can customize with your own images, too.  Pick your basic template and add in your own images, change out the background to your own, change the words, add words, change the font, change the background colors, change the font colors…everything you can do in graphic design sites (but so much easier).

Are there limitations to commercial use?

None that I have seen (the developers even promote the product for commercial use…so that’s a good sign you have no restrictions).  The software even lets you put in a watermark, and you can share the image prior to selling the final product.  A lot of competitors limit your commercial use (or even restrict it).  Essentially, you can start your own company with this software.  Then, to top things off, they have included a tool that helps you find customers that are ready for someone to do their cover.  I have NEVER seen this included in a software purchase.

What if I only need 1 or 2 covers, shouldn’t I just spend the $20 each and not worry about the software program?

I guess…but how long is it going to take you to get the artwork back?  A lot of designers take days, or even a week before they get you the first draft.  Then you have to spend time telling them what you want changed and wait for the next draft.  You could have a cover ready in a few minutes with Pixel Studio FX and adjust anything and everything to your liking without having to wait for someone to interpret your changes, apply them, and have you review it again…and maybe again…and maybe even again.  Also, what about when you need another cover, and then the next?

Kim…are you telling me you would honestly make the purchase?

Yes, I am absolutely telling you I will be buying Pixel Studio FX when it is released.  If nothing else, I want to fix my covers for my ebooks.  While I will still have Corel and Adobe products for a ton of other uses outside of covers, the price for this product is worth the amount of time it will save me on my future covers.

So, what are you waiting for (other than the official launch)?  Head back over here, and bookmark the page.  **The new version is set to release on 9/19/16- bookmark the page, or sign up to my list for updates!


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