Parallel Profits is the newest release from Blueprint Information Products (Aidan and Steve).  For those who listen in on my webinars, you know I’m a fan of their products.  I also know their price point ($2500) is not for everyone.  In here, I’ll share my take on the information and also some resources for those that want to go a different direction.

See Parallel Profits HERE. (You DIY people, keep reading…there’s a brief section just for you.)

Get the worksheet here:

What is Parallel Profits?

This is a program that is focused on helping students (you) create a profitable online business.  To the tune of $100,000 per year or more!  The business is selling online services to local and small businesses.  This is a critical need and the need increases daily.

Every single business needs online services.  Here are some examples of online services (more about how you can offer these services HERE):

That’s literally just a few options.  As someone who helps other small business owners learn how to do some of these tasks on their own, I can tell you that most people do not have the time or patience to complete the tasks necessary.

Those of you in the Lead Generation Source Group are well aware of the time requirements!  As a PhD student, I interviewed several Small Business owners here locally.  ALL of them needed help with their online activities and were all willing to pay for help (yes, after I finish my PhD, I will be reaching back out to them).

Is There Really A Need For These Services?

The short answer is – ABSOLUTELY!  There is such a huge need, I almost pulled the trigger on a business on my own.  I decided against it then because of some specific challenges (more on why that isn’t a challenge anymore later).

Let me give you an example.  My husband works for a very large, international company.  That company provides specialized services.  They serve some very large companies and some smaller companies.  Since the work is so specialized, they actually contract with their customers to provide EMBEDDED personnel.  This means that the company pays their employees to go work at someone else’s location.

Why on earth would a company pay another company to essentially “rent” a person for the position?  Why wouldn’t they just hire their own employee?

There are a number of reasons why a company would do this, and small businesses typically go this route for many of their needs.

  1. The work is specialized (just like online services) and the company does not have anyone to TEACH the employee what to do.
  2. The work is specialized and the owners/managers have no idea if the employee is doing the work they should!
  3. Recruitment and retention for a specialized position is rather expensive.
  4. For companies that do not have employees, they may not have the resources to provide health insurance and other amenities employees are now expecting.
  5. If the person goes on vacation or quits, they just go back to the contracted company and get a new person assigned to them.

Small to medium-sized businesses run into this same problem with online services.  It ends up being cheaper to hire a company than to hire a person to handle the online aspects no one can monitor.  Instead, they contract for specific services and get what they pay for.

Your role in Parallel Profits is to help small business leaders get the online resources they so desperately need.  You do NOT need to know the specifics of the “how” to do these elements because you will hire out the work.  Learn more here.

I Almost Started A Similar Company

I have been interested in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media since the internet was widely available to the general public (in our community, that was 1995).  A few years ago, I was able to start ranking my websites on page 1 of Google for several search terms – for my LOCAL business.  In fact, we closed that business almost a year ago but the website still ranks and the phone still rings daily.

Since I knew how to do it and was very, very confident I could get most local businesses on page 1 for some decent local traffic – I thought about starting my own company.  I ran into a few issues (which Parallel Profits actually overcomes):

I’m sure you thought of other challenges, but many of those challenges may not be accurate.  Go here to get more details on other challenges that do not really exist.

How Parallel Profits Is Different

You’ve probably noticed that I have some experience with local services (yes, I’m slightly kidding…those in the Lead Generation Source Group know I have extensive training and experience in online marketing methods).  Well, Parallel Profits is different.  It doesn’t require you to know HOW to do something.  You do not need to know how to build a website or how to optimize it.

Parallel Profits provides you with the basic information you need to know to make the sale, then you can connect to the resources.  Honestly, I have as much information as you do since this is a brand new program!  Go here and you’ll know as much as I do about this program.

What About The DIY People?

Are you someone who already has a good grasp on the services, but might need help with generating the leads?  Once my Parallel Profits business is up and running, I can help you generate leads (for a price)!  In the meantime, you can check out this pretty cool tool.

It is called Mapify, and it’s perfect to help you find businesses that need some online services.  I’ll do a full review with a demo in another post, but if you want to focus on doing everything on your own to save the $2500 investment in Parallel Profits – this is a great tool to help you get going!

I still recommend that even those of you that want to go it alone see the Parallel Profits business model (here) so you have the outline!

Kim’s Bonuses

Alright, now to the nitty-gritty.  Parallel Profits released on January 28th. Make sure you go through my link to get these bonuses (and keep your transaction ID because that’s the only info I get to match up to the sales).  Go through this link to get all the details of Parallel Profits.

Bonus #1 – A “Downsell” option – I will have to fine-tune these details after we see the program, but this concept is that you will be able to offer some sort of downsell to your potential customers.  You’ll get people who are dead set against online services and social media (that’s ok, you don’t want them as customers because they will likely fail sooner rather than later).  Others will want to try to DO IT THEMSELVES.  This is the most common “no” I have seen.  That’s where this downsell comes in handy.  You can sell them access to a membership area that will give them details on how they can do some of the tasks themselves (I will create these videos for you to use).  If you don’t have a membership site, I’ll set one up on my Members Kit hosting just for you.  We will decide if this is a one-time or monthly charge after we see the Parallel Profits training and resources.

Keep in mind that you should capture the information from all of your contacts anyway.  Just because someone says no today, doesn’t mean they will not eventually see the value and want to hire you later.  The point of the membership site is to give something valuable to your future customers, but in this case- you also make money!  Inside the membership area, we’ll point them back to you where your now paying customer can buy more things from you in the future.

Bonus #2 – An accountability group!  Most likely, Parallel Profits will have some sort of Facebook Group.  I have a webinar platform and we can have up to 15 people as presenters at one time (we’ll need to mute ourselves when not talking)!  We can schedule these for everyone to come to ask questions and share information (and that would be for those who purchase through our link.) Se Parallel Profits here:

Bonus #3 – Lead Generation Source Founding Membership – we’ve pulled this from public sign-ups with the plan to turn this membership level into a monthly cost.  If you’re not already a Founding Member, you will get your chance to claim a Lifetime Membership for free.

Bonus #4 – Extra secrets.  For those of you that like to dabble in SEO or online marketing, or even if you want to find your own resources, I can share plenty of extra secrets with you.  Let’s give the training a chance to share what they have, but I have a few secrets that many people don’t know about…if they don’t cover those secrets or resources – I’ll share what I know!

Bonus #5 – A high-quality backlink from a mega source with a domain authority in the 90+ range. *This is not guaranteed and does have requirements to make it happen.  We will sell this in the future for several hundred dollars for the one link.

Bonus #6 – The opportunity to SELL the high-quality backlink option to your own clients (great for higher competition keywords/niches).  I doubt this will be available from Parallel Profits since it requires highly specialized access to make this happen.  Since you are offering services to clients, only those who purchase through my link will get the opportunity to add this to the services they offer!

Bonus #7 – 1-Hour coaching session with Kim and/or Crisi!  You get a private 1-on-1 coaching session with one of us (you get to choose but it will also depend on availability).  We do NOT offer this publicly because our time is so limited.  You can ask us about anything we normally teach or discuss Parallel Profits strategy!

Make sure you get Parallel Profits before it closes:

**Please claim your bonuses within 6 months of the purchase date.  We will keep them open as long as possible, but some may not be available after 6 months.  Submit a ticket through the Lead Generation Support Site to claim your bonuses (and include your purchase/transaction ID).

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