Here’s our Octosuite Review, revised and effective Oct 23, 2018!  We’ll share how we use the software and the benefits.  Keep in mind that any software connected or working with Facebook is subject to change while Facebook changes rapidly- but this is operating and effective following the recent API change.

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Octosuite Review- Quick Overview

First of all, don’t waste your time with the lower levels of Octosuite- just buy the $47 Ocean Edition.  You’ll see in the video why this is such a great deal.  If you already have Octosuite, we’ll discuss using this software to grow your business in some of the Lead Generation Source Weekly Webinars.  If you’re not in the Facebook group- join here.

The main reason to purchase Octosuite is for the capability to post to groups.

Get Octosuite Through This Link To Help Support Kim and Joann’s Reviews (It costs the same regardless of you buying it through our link or not).

Please note, you CAN schedule content relatively easy on Facebook for free.

If your focus is on finding viral content on Facebook to share to your pages, we recommend you check out Inboxr.

Upsells Octosuite offers several upsells:

Syndication Bundle ($37) you can schedule content to 5 Linkedin, Pinterest, OR Twitter accounts.  I liked adding it on to save myself some room on my Buffer accounts but 5 max accounts (any combination of those social media channels) is not much.  You can get 3 free accounts through Buffer, and 3 through Hootsuite (at least the last time I checked).

VIP Training ($37)- this teaches you some monetization methods.  It’s a little older, and we cover a lot of these strategies in Lead Generation Source (and can cover updated of all of them if there is interest).  If you do not plan on managing social media for other people, this really isn’t for you.  Keep in mind you get unlimited Facebook pages with the Ocean Version so you can always manage any Facebook page where you are an admin!

Affiliate Link Cloaker/Image Editor ($47)- I did not purchase this and I have my suspicions this will not work right.  However, there is a money back guarantee if this is something you think you will use.

PLR Rights for 10 Accounts ($197)- I also did not purchase this (yet) but my thoughts are this would be great for someone who needs to have a Virtual Assistant do the work.  You can’t share the same Octosuite account, though I also imagine these are NOT transferable.  Still…$20 to give some software to your VA to do the work for you…seems like a great price!

What Do I Recommend?

I recommend you purchase the Ocean edition ($47) and the Syndication Bundle ($37).  The rest is up to your unique needs.  These two, at a total of $84 are well worth the ability to mass-post to your pages/accounts and schedule content.

Of course, $84 is a freaking steal for the Group posting capability…and if that’s all you need – you just need the Ocean edition at $47.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click here and you’ll also get access to our exclusive bonuses.


I talk about some of the bonuses you get from purchasing Octosuite.  Those are NOT from us, but some of them are very useful.  The sales page gives you more info on those specific bonuses.

For the Little Biz Resources bonuses, you’ll get access to:

Exclusive Training On Conducting Niche Research

I will offer this to Lead Generation Source Group Members who have already purchased Octosuite as well.  Luke Maguire (the guy who made Octosuite) does include a type of Niche Research training in the VIP training if you purchase it.  It’s old and not all that detailed to find out if a niche is worth attacking on Facebook or not.  We’ll show you how to use Octosuite to help you gather enough data to determine if you should venture into a niche or not!

Exclusive Case Studies

As we find success with the software, we will share that information AND strategy with you!  As Facebook is rapidly changing, it is difficult to determine how often we share these…but we are not going to leave you in the dark!  When you purchase through our link, we will bring you with us on our journey!

3 Day/2 Night Hotel Voucher

Yes, there are tons of restrictions on free…but we partnered with a company so we could offer this as a bonus.  Your feedback will tell us if we keep this as a bonus in the future.  It’s a hotel voucher for 3 days, 2 nights at a hotel in one of 10 HOT US destinations.  You are not obligated to claim this and I do want to mention there is an $18 processing fee.  You’ll get the link to all of the details in your bonuses and you can choose if you want it or not.

Unannounced Bonuses

I have a few things I am working on that are TOP SECRET.  Once they are ready, I will share them with anyone who purchases through our link!

Once you have made your purchase, to claim your bonuses- contact me through the Lead Generation Support site here.

Make sure you join the Lead Generation Source Group– it’s free to join!

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