Make Money From HomeIf you are ready to make money from home, I have some great ideas for you!  Let me preface this post by telling you that these are NOT “get rich quick” schemes.  You will still have to work (and probably fairly hard at first) to make sales, and each of these recommendations will help you start your own business.  These particular suggestions focus on working from home, and you can get started on most of them immediately or within a day if you have to learn a program.  I will briefly cover selling products, but this post really focuses on selling services (which generally requires much less of an up-front expense, if any).

Make money from home selling products

If you want to get started selling items, there are a lot of different options here.  Generally, to sell items you need to first buy items (there are ways to do thisMoney without “investing” in the products, but it takes a lot more than I can delve into for a post).  If you have not already signed up for my Free Report, sign up through the bar at the top of the page and find out a few methods on how to sell or buy.  You can get started selling extra items from around your house that you just have not got around to donating or selling at a garage sale, or you can find places to purchase items and resell those items.  Regardless of your choice of used or new, the journey to selling products steady is a long and bumpy road.  It can cost you quite a bit and take up a lot of space to sell from home.  If you do not have the up-front investment, do not have enough items to sell and generate your seed money, or just do not want to hassle with products, services might be right for you!

Make money from home providing a service

The types of services available to make money while working from home vary as significantly as there are products.  If you already offer a service, skip down to the places to promote your services for ideas on how to promote your services.  I’ll come out with more detailed reports later on, but this information can get you started for now.  Let’s explore some service ideas that allow you to work from home.

Create Videos from Home

Video is the future.  With advances in data transfer, most people expect a video to advertise a product or service.  When you first read that title, I hope you did not get a little worried that I was telling you about hard services to provide.  If you have never created a video, rest assured that this is now so much easier than it was 5 years ago, or even a year ago.  In fact, one of my favorite video creation products came out not too long ago.  It is so easy to use, I made my first video in less than 15 minutes (and most of that was browsing the templates to see what was available) without reviewing the training.  Some people might take a little longer to learn the software and some of you might learn it faster.  Regardless, I do not see why you could not create a business providing video solutions to businesses, or individuals, in need of the service.  As a small business owner, I know it is time consuming to develop the marketing materials and then do the actual marketing.  If I did not know about this software, it would be well worth $50 to have someone make a video for a service or product I provide.  Since I know about the software, I actually enjoy making the videos!  Check out this Video Creation Software I use to make my videos.

Create Covers from Home

One of the hardest things to do for most people is anything related to graphic design.  Take a look at some of the covers for Kindle eBooks and you get my point.  An author spends weeks, months, or even years developing content for a book, then they put out a horrible cover because they do not want to spend a lot of money or they do not want to spend any money on a cover.  Of course, they probably remember the days when buying an eBook cover was $300-$500 (and some places still charge this).  Most people are willing to pay $20-$50 for a good eBook cover.  Well, what if I told you there is a software program that allows you to create all sorts of different covers and it will only take you a few minutes?  I created my first professional cover in less than 3 minutes using the software.  It took 10 minutes total from the time of purchase, reviewing the training, and then creating the cover (and most of that time was spent browsing the templates to see what I liked).  I am comfortable saying that you could start making money quickly if you familiarize yourself with the software and get your information out there.  Check out the Pixel Studio FX overview page to learn more about this software program.

Images and Photo Services

Sometimes it amazes me at the amount of people that make money with photography or creating clipart.  Back in the day, selling photography required more than working from home, but today it is relatively easy to make money from home with graphic arts skills and/or photography.  One of my favorite places to find clipart (I pay for an annual membership here) is  This site is heavy with clipart but does have pictures as well.  I have been a member for about 2 years now and they just keep coming out with more and more.  Sites like this tend to need people to submit clipart, images, and other items, from independent contractors (like you).  Most places pay the contractor based on download or sometimes they just buy the submission out right.  The prices vary from place to place, but it would not be too difficult to sign up with a few of these and start submitting your creations.  I recommend the Adobe software line to create products.  If you are new to this world, it might take you a bit longer to get started, but this is an ever-growing field.  If you are a photographer (amateur, beginner, or even expert), Trick Photography is a great way to create unique images that have a higher demand and tend to pay higher (such as businesses looking for unique photographs).

clipart make money from home

Places to Promote Your Services is one of the most popular service related places online.  The catch to this website, or so I have run into so far, is that there are many different people offering the same thing for the same price…and most of the easy to find and high ranked offers are from people out of the country.  This might be due to the fact that $5 is a significant amount to that person in that country so they provide excellent customer service, or it might be due to lower oversight on that allows people to generate fake customer ratings.  I once used someone to advertise a link on Twitter, and they showed me Google statistics that said the link had been clicked on 2,000+ times and shown over 4,000 times.  This fulfilled the “contract”, but I had an internal tracking on my website that said I actually had over 4,000+ total clicks from that campaign but only 171 unique visitors.  This told me that several computers were used to generate the clicks and it was likely a scam.  Once I presented my statistics, the person refunded the money to take away the bad rating I provided.  People like this make me hate using, but it is still a very popular place to promote easy services (like a quick video creation or cover) and make some money from home or even on the road.

5 miles is one of the phone/tablet apps I discuss in my FREE REPORT (sign up through the bar at the top of the page).  I believe it was originally intended to connect people within 5 miles of your location to minimize the distance to buy products or services but extends well beyond that now.  They had a recent update to their website that makes this particular resource quite awesome and a great opportunity to advertise your services!  I recommend you explore the app to see what is available in your community and consider advertising your services here for some local exposure.  You can still coordinate everything via phone if you do not want to meet up with a person.  My FREE REPORT lists 15 other smartphone/tablet resources.

Craigslist is still a viable option for advertising services.  Depending on your community dynamics, you might have some competition on Craigslist with people who like to spam their information all day long.  I have no idea what they are using, but it is most definitely against the Craigslist Terms of Service.  Just play it safe and post your information when you have time (or at least every 30 days).  If you have multiple services, you might consider posting every day or a couple of times a week and rotate which service you offer.  I am in a heavily populated community with a population in the millions and multiple jerks that spam Craigslist.  Most of my products are still found, and I post my services on there every now and again (we have them call us, so it’s harder to track if the services work or not).  Even though we sell the majority of our items from a store, it would be just as easy to make money from home by coordinating shipping of products or coordinating services online.

Amazon is an opportunity if you plan on making a professional business.  The catch to Amazon Services is that you need to be “approved”, which requires very specific referrals to make it past the application process.  This might be something you work towards, or you can explore their application and coordinate with friends/family to help make your company look credible (such as they leave a review on Yelp or one of the other recommended review services).  One thing to understand about Amazon (having worked with them on the manufacturer side for a while now), they have their rules that you must follow or risk not being able to sell on their site.  You have the potential to gain a lot of business from them, so I recommend only aiming for Amazon if you plan on sustaining your company longer than a couple of months.

There are literally hundreds of other ways to market your business and make money from home.  I’ll explore more of those as we go on, but if you are interested in this topic now- just drop me a quick note on my Facebook page.

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