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What Is LaunchCart?

Website TemplateIt is the newest (and hottest) eCommerce solution on the market.  Have you heard of Shopify?  Shopify is great, don’t get me wrong, but it lacks some solutions.

Specifically, if you want to sell products – you have to already have the products or install paid APPS on their platform.

With a sneak-peak, I can tell you that LaunchCart gives you an opportunity to overcome the obstacles you have with Shopify by providing access to product solutions.  Specifically, LaunchCart connects your website to drop shippers and print on demand opportunities.  It also connects you with opportunities to sell on multiple channels (like Amazon and Etsy).

Get your own sneak-peak at LaunchCart here.

What About Success?

Sales SuccessI have had some sort of eCommerce store since 1999.  Back in 1999, it was difficult to market a product!  Jump forward to 2018, and now I sell eCommerce items on a regular basis with much less effort.

Unlike you, I had to overcome many different challenges.  With LaunchCart, you get access to a community of members that have already worked through the problems of eCommerce.

Technology has improved so much.  You no longer need to know anything about coding websites or taking special measures to be able to sell online.  This makes it much easier to get started and find success.

Watch the next video about LaunchCart here.

Is eCommerce Here To Stay?

LaunchCart ReviewECommerce sales have steadily increased year after year.  Personally, I prefer to shop online.  I can NEVER find the dental floss that I like until I go online.  When I try to find a swimsuit in the middle of winter so my daughter can continue her swim lessons (kids grow fast), none of the local stores have anything.  I go online and find many different options.

You don’t have to take my word for it (or the evidence of increased sales year after year).  Greg Writer (the guy who’s launching LaunchCart) interviewed Steve Forbes (from Forbes Magazine).  Here’s what he had to say:

“ECommerce is the wave of the future because it’s convenient for the consumer and that’s what eCommerce is all about – meeting the needs and wants of other people.”

Don’t miss out on LaunchCart, watch the video right now.

Why LaunchCart?

LaunchCart has a focus on Dropshipping and the Print on Demand Model.  Here are the benefits of this model:

Specific to LaunchCart, here are some of the benefits:

In case you missed the link, you can find out more about LaunchCart by clicking here.

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