It sounds dramatic, but it’s probably true.  Inboxr has a really good shot at changing your Facebook fortunes.  Of course, Facebook might have something to say about that…but all we have is now.

Here’s a not-so-quick overview of Inboxr, but there are even more details in the description below!  If you are ready to see the sales page, you can see that here.

Inboxr’s primary function (as the sales page suggests) is as a messenger bot.  This alone is a great feature, but so many people are scared of messenger bots. So just know it is so much more than a messenger bot (and if that scares you, just set up 1 generic response to get started).

For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE messenger bots.  I love to play with them, but I took a break much of this year because of FB’s constant API shutdowns (and the subsequent access issues for most messenger bots).  Now that Facebook has cooled their jets with the API shutdowns, messenger bots are back in the forefront of social media marketing.

Inboxr does not disappoint.  In fact, it might have the most number of features I’ve seen in a bot.  Combined with the ability to find viral content (for those who have Octosuite- this is a great replacement for that feature that was recently shut down by the FB gremlins), this is probably the number one tool that can change your fortunes.

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Build Your Fans With Inboxr

In Lead Generation Source, we teach a method of sharing viral content on your fan page to help you boost your fans.  Finding viral content used to be easier with Octosuite (RIP FB features), but we have had to use a manual method for a while now.  Time to rejoice!  Inboxr lets you find viral content you can share to your site and use the same method to boost your fans on your own page.

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Build Your Subscribers With Inboxr

As you build your fans, you can also build Messenger subscribers.  What are Messenger subscribers?  These are people who sign up to get your notifications through Messenger (formerly Facebook Messenger).

Let me be very clear here.  Messenger subscribers are NOT for you to market to (though, you can market to your subscribers within 24 hours of engagement…so there are ways).  Using Messenger is more for content marketing, so you’ll need to get creative in eCommerce or other primary sales industries.

*We offer a bonus course that will cover these strategies in detail when you purchase through our link.*

Build Your Customer Service With Inboxr

One of the scariest parts of using Messenger is that it is a two-way street.  This means that anyone can send you a message and they will expect a reply.  How do you effectively communicate with people in this instant message world?

Well, with Inboxr!  You can build a bot that includes automatic replies to specific keywords.  If someone wants to know your hours of operation, they will most likely use the word “hours”.  Build a keyword response that replies with your hours of operation anytime someone uses the word “hours” in their comments.

Don’t know the keywords your audience uses?  That’s ok!  Set a couple (or even just one), and then let your error message offer a solution for everyone else.  Provide your alternate contact information such as an email, phone number, or anything else.  You can even put a button for them to conveniently click.

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Convert Your Leads To Sales With Inboxr

If you’re running ads, this should be an automatic…but how about a special offer for your Messenger subscribers?  You can deliver special offers via messenger, or you can even promote products.  Just remember you only have 24 hours to reply…oh, but did I mention you can schedule messages to arrive 23 hours after they subscribe?!

There are way too many ways to offer your customers your newest product, service, or other offers with Messenger to cover here.  Instead, we’ll offer solutions and provide ideas in our bonus training when you purchase through our link.

What About Upsells?

I was super eager to get the product, so I only purchased the front end product…but I’m going to go back and purchase the upsells (since they are currently still available).  There are 3 different upsells, and here’s why I recommend them.

#1 – Done For You Templates:  I’m not the biggest fan of Done For You because there is no model that fits every other business, but having some templates on hand can definitely speed up the process of building bots.  At a $37 price tag, this upsell will come in handy!

#2 – VIP Training:  I am so well versed in bots that I didn’t think I needed this, but Luke’s prior training has always been useful…so I was silly to skip out.  I’ll head over and pick this up, too (and then we’ll add and expand on anything that is missed in this training).

#3 – Whitelabel & Resell License:  I’m a sucker for whitelabel, but there is more value here than reselling the product (though, that’s a good value).  One of the problems with messenger marketing is that you have to attach to YOUR Facebook account.  If you have a virtual assistant, they cannot access the product.  It’s basically a one person only use.  The Whitelabel option lets you give this to your virtual assistant(s) so they can do the work for you.

Is The Price Worth It?

As I write this, the price is $39 (the launch price was $37).  Most likely, this will increase until it hits $47 or $49.  No matter when you purchase this- it’s well worth the price!  The main bot service I used (before this) cost $97 a month.  One of the main competitors starts at $10 a month but limits your subscribers to 500….and it’s per page.

With Inboxr, you get (at least at launch time) unlimited fan pages attached, unlimited subscribers, and you can even bookmark your favorite pages to find viral content.  If you have 3 fan pages that have 400 subscribers each, you would pay $30 a month or $97 a month (depending on which program you have).  With a one-time payment for Inboxr…you can save a ton of money over time (and not that much time).

The upsells are up to you, but I think the templates are worth it.  Especially for those that are new to Messenger bots.  It will save you time and limit your learning curve with the templates.  If the VIP training is true to Luke’s historical training, this will likely focus on agency and selling your services.  I’ll get the VIP training and let everyone in the Lead Generation Source Group know if it’s worth it!

In the meantime, what are you waiting for?  Head on over and check out the sales page for more information.


Inboxr Bonus Training from Lead Generation Source: True to our nature, we’ll have a bonus training where we cover how to use Inboxr to build your audience, warm-up your audience, and convert your audience!  I (Kim) am Messenger trained by someone who built a Messenger bot platform, so I know a few tricks that I’ll share!

Lead Generation Source Founder Membership: Ok, full disclaimer on this…this particular membership is currently still free for anyone, but you are guaranteed a Lifetime Founder Membership through our training site (even if you purchase this once it goes paid).  We have a long list of training coming out over the next few months.  Starting in January, this membership will cost money!

Unannounced Bonuses: We want you to succeed, so as we find something valuable to offer you, we’ll give it to you.  If it’s related to Messenger marketing, we’ll offer you access to the resource!


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