Print on Demand is a hot eCommerce solution right now.  Why?  It’s because you control the designs of the products.  This means you can ride trends, create a line of products to fit a niche, and offer a wide selection of products.

Getting Started With Print On Demand

One of the hardest things to get started with Print on Demand is finding the right type of supplier.  You want a high-quality product to provide to your customers, but at prices that they will pay.

What if you pick the wrong company?  We did when we first got started.  We sunk a ton of money into a training program that attached to a company that was sub-par.  After having penalties applied to our Etsy account, followed by multiple delayed orders, the products arrived and they were just ok (and that’s generous).

We went on a mission to find companies that provided quality products.  Our search resulted in finding several different options- but they are all complementary to each other (so you can use them all if you have Shopify).

Start With Printful

You can get started with all of the companies, but we recommend Printful as your primary resource.  (Disclaimer: some links are affiliate links, but we offer a bonus if you sign up through us and it doesn’t cost you more. Learn more below.)

Printful offers a variety of products including clothing and home accessories.  The quality of their products is outstanding.  We particularly like their cut and sew products.  They have warehouses in the US and in Europe.  

Another great benefit of Printful is their many integrations…their many FREE integrations.  When you combine Printful with the 40 free listings from Etsy (get that by signing up to sell on Etsy through our link here), you literally can start offering products for free and without a website.

You can still use simple word designs or get a little more creative and use a repeating pattern.  Don’t know how to create your own designs?  We include training on this as part of our bonus when you sign up for Printful through our link.

Shopify Resource #1

While Printful does connect with Shopify, it doesn’t require it.  These next resources require Shopify.  The next resource we recommend is also a free resource.  It is called WC Fulfillment (you can get that here).  

WC Fulfillment started with phone wallet cases and expanded to other products.  Their top products that we like are the RFID blocking Phone Wallet Case, the RFID blocking Men’s Wallet, and the RFID blocking Women’s Wallet.  We have yet to test the watches, but those look exciting.  There are other products as well.  Check them out to explore their products.

Something to note with WC Fulfillment is that they ship their items out of China.  This means you need to worry about the time it takes for delivery.  The owner is looking into express options and is close to a solution, but you should make your customers aware of the potential delays with the shipping.

Shopify Resource #2

The next resource we recommend is called Pillow Profits (this is another affiliate link with bonuses, get it here).  Pillow Profits has quite a few fun and popular items.  For example, shoes.  The shoe market is hot, and a nicely designed shoe can make you quite a few sales.  Another hot product is the bedding.  This is a duvet/comforter cover and 2 pillow cases.  I used to work in a department store many years ago, and I would sell tons of bed sets at high prices.  There’s just something about having a good looking bed that makes people happy.

Along with shoes and bedding, Pillow Profits has come out with many other quality products.  Most (if not all) of their products are made on demand.  This means they do not sew the pieces together until after printing.  This particular method (just like the cut and sew with Printful) provides you with a high-quality print for the products.  

Pillow Profits does charge a $29.99 per month app fee.  This is the only reason why it’s not on the top of our list (because shoes and purses are super hot items to sell).  Another reason we didn’t vote them in the top is that their items ship from China.  For this reason, we recommend you focus on selling the items in their “Express-products” line.  Shipping is normally included in their pricing for the regular shipping, but the express shipping costs are worth it to get the product to your customer faster.  We’ve shipped products in from China and if they go through Chicago, they can get significantly delayed (there’s something about that import location that just makes things take forever).  

As with Printful, if you sign up through our affiliate link to get Pillow Profits, we’ll give you special training to help you succeed.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.  You support our efforts in bringing you great information and training (through Lead Generation Source) and we will dedicate that support to bringing you more resources and information to help you succeed.  In the case of Pillow Profits, we do NOT make any money off the app costs.  We only make a very small amount when you sell items.  

Shopify Resource #3

I am adding this resource a bit prematurely since we haven’t had time to fully test.  However, I have seen sellers on Etsy doing quite well selling products they designed with this resource – so I figured I should recommend it and we will update with testing.

This resource is for the jewelry lovers.  The resource is called ShineOn (you can get it here).  They offer some really nice jewelry items that you can add your own designs.  Personalization is also newly released.  

The only pitfall to this app is that it appears to require more work to get products set up than the other apps.  We just got started with this, so we will include training on this (as part of the bonuses for Printful and Pillow Profits) resource once we get a better handle on it, but they offer good support and instructions.  They are free to use but still require Shopify.   

Start Today!

There is no reason you can’t get started right now with Printful (here) and the 40 free Etsy listings (here).  Literally, you can have 40 products for sale as fast as you can design them (and we’ll help you design some if you need help).  Your up-front cost is literally zero dollars.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you have questions or need more info, ask questions in the Lead Generation Source Facebook group here.

About Bonuses

As part of our endeavor to help you succeed, you’ll get access to special training when you sign up for either Printful (here) or Pillow Profits (here).  When you sign up through the links, this does not cost you any more than if you didn’t.  Instead, we are rewarded for referring you by receiving a very small amount per sale you make.  This means we only make money when you are selling items…and it doesn’t cost you a dime.  Your support through our affiliate links will help us bring you more resources and training (through Lead Generation Source).  Our bonuses vary slightly.  We offer a bonus training course for each affiliate sign up.  Since you need to dedicate more resources for Pillow Profits, we will have an extra bonus (we will announce at a later date).  For now, rest assured that you will get access to some pretty nice information to help you succeed.  

*While we shouldn’t have to say this, we will anyway: we do not guarantee any type of income level or success.  Your success depends on your efforts and strategies.  We will share information, provide guidance, and offer suggestions, but we cannot guarantee any outcomes.

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