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Due to spammers and trouble-makers in the Facebook group, we’re requiring that you submit your email prior to approval into the group.  This is to keep out community safe and also give me a way to contact you if there are any problems or changes.

I will only email group related updates, and one weekly reminder of the events for that week (like the weekly live progress report).

Here’s what you agree to when you sign up to the Facebook Group:

♦You will not copy or share the information from the Facebook group with anyone outside of the Membership group (invite them to join on their own)

♦You will NOT promote anything – no products, no services, nothing.  The purpose of the group is to learn.  I will post tools and resources, but only after I have reviewed them and feel they may fit the group. 

♦You will NOT list any grievances in the Facebook group.  If you have an issue with someone else, or me, come to ME (I’m Kim Christian, the owner).  You can reach me through my personal messenger on Facebook, or tag me in a post in the group requesting I contact you.

♦You will NOT report emails from me as spam.  Don’t be a meanie…just unsubscribe if you no longer want to be a part of the Little Biz Resources family.