**Effective 8/16/16, Doodly is now closed for the initial launch.  Stay tuned for the next release!  I am very excited to announce my Doodly Review and Bonuses.  For those of you who are on my email list or have even browsed my site, you know I’m a big fan of (good) video creation software.  Lately, I’ve been thinking there are 2 specific video creation elements that I need.  Doodly is one of them!!  Read on to see my product review and bonuses if you purchase it through me!

Doodly Review and Bonuses

Doodly Review and Bonus

Doodly is not out yet, but my Doodly Review and Bonuses will help you get an idea of how this software can help you make money.  Whether you add it to your toolbox of video creation to use as needed or plan on making money directly using Doodly, I highly recommend you get it!  I am a big fan of software from Jimmy Kim, so when he pushes out software- I pay attention.  Continue reading to learn more about my Doodly Review and Bonuses.

What is Doodly?

It is a video creation program that uses the very popular and engaging whiteboard feature.  For those of you new to video creation- that’s where a hand writes out or draws the elements on the white background like it is drawing on a whiteboard.  Of course, Jimmy and team didn’t stop at just the whiteboard.  Doodly also has the blackboard!!

Doodly Review and Bonus 2

How does Doodly Work?

Doodly video creation software allows you to use pre-set images, graphics, or enter text and then play the hand drawing or writing.  It is easy to use and you can add in custom images.  Worried about music?  Royalty Free Music is included, but I’ll make sure you get a list of some of my favorite websites, too!

When is it available?

Doodly is set to release on August 8th, 2016 at 9AM Eastern Time.  I know…it’s a bit away from now, but I want to make sure you get in on the opening price and deals.

How much does it cost?

There are no prices right now since Doodly closed on 8/15/16.  If you are interested in notifications, sign up through the bar at the top and get on my mailing list.

Personal Edition: Includes 10 characters with 20 poses each, 200 props, 20 fully built scenes, plus the ability to upload your own images- ???

Upgrade 1, Doodle Pro: Adds 3x the images and graphics, 10 more characters with 40 poses each, 500 more props, and 40 extra scenes- ???

Upgrade 2, Commercial Use Package: Allows you to use Doodly on Unlimited Client/Non-Personal/Commercial Sites including the option to SELL the videos- ???

What is Kim buying?

I am so excited about this software.  I once played with a different type of whiteboard software, with similar features.  It was very time consuming, complex, and several hundred dollars PER MONTH.  You can safely bet that I am purchasing the whole thing for a total of $244.  While I do not plan on selling videos, I will be using the videos for commercial purchases.  Here is a quick video I used (obviously NOT using Doodly software since it’s not available yet):

Why are whiteboard videos hot?

Honestly, I really like them.  When someone used the whiteboard style video as a commercial on a public station, I stopped and watched the commercial (and I HATE commercials).  While it is not perfect for ALL applications, it is a great way to introduce people to a product, concept, or how-to, without the cost of major video production.  I am also a fan of mixing up the videos, so I am excited to add this to my video making arsenal!

Make Money with Doodly?

My Doodly Review would not be the same without sharing a few ideas on how to make money.  Of course, I have a post on how to make money with videos if you want to know more about that topic in specific.  Here are just a few ways to make some money.

Check out my post on how to make money with videos to review some more ideas!  If you are a business, learn why Video Marketing is so important!


My Doodly Review and Bonuses would not really be an accurate description without bonuses, right?  It’s time for the bonuses I promised in the Doodly Review and Bonuses!  In case you don’t know, I’m all about FREE traffic.  The best free traffic is to be able to have your website found in organic search results (so, when someone searches for a related term, you would show up higher in the results).  Unfortunately, this is really hard to figure out without KEYWORD research, ANALYSIS of your competition, and OPTIMIZATION of key elements such as photos.

So, with FREE TRAFFIC in mind, I have some different bonuses for you to help you get started on developing that free traffic.

Doodly Bonus #1

Keyword Assessment- You need to know a couple of things about keywords.  First, you want to target a keyword that has traffic.  Second, you want to target a keyword that is easier to rank.  I run keyword analysis for my clients to help them know which keywords are the best to target based on those keywords that have traffic and those keywords that are easier to rank for.

Doodly Bonus #1- Keyword Assessment: You can choose your own 50 words for assessment of traffic and how easy it is to rank.  If you are not sure what keywords you might want to target, provide one and I can generate a list of 50 potential keywords and assess those for you.

Determining keywords can help you in a variety of areas.  We usually offer this is one of our packages, valued at $100!

Doodly Bonus #2

Website analysis of backlinks of your competition’s website.  Do you know what links are coming in to their site that are helping them rank?  You provide the website you want analyzed and I will run it through 2 different software programs.  The first shows you many of the links coming in to the website.  The second one shows you the most powerful links that are coming in to the site.  Using this information, you can find the same places (especially the powerful ones) that have links coming in to your competition.

We provide this as part of our package, valued at $50!

Doodly Bonus #3

It’s hard to know the best approach to your website if you do not know what links are coming in to your site!  Doodly Bonus #3 offers a website analysis of your website!  Now you can compare your own incoming links to those of your highest competitor.

This bonus is also valued at $50!

Doodly Bonus #4

Photo Optimization can help you get noticed by search engines.  There are many SEO experts out there that provide some basic guidance to get you some power, but a full meta description including keywords can help you get the credit you deserve.  Photo optimization is time consuming, and most people do not have the resources or time to apply this to very many photos.  For Doodly Bonus $4, I am going to optimize 15 photos for you!  You provide the photos, I’ll update all the meta descriptions.

Doodly Bonus #4 has a value of $150!


Total Doodly Bonuses value is $350 (and many other SEO companies charge even more for these services).  To access your bonuses, just send me an email to [email protected] with your receipt purchase.  Once I verify the purchase was made through the link on this page, I’ll send you some forms to fill out and additional instructions. 


Special bonus- As a special bonus, I am also giving you the option to participate in a link sharing opportunity that is coming soon!  Since it’s not available yet, I don’t want to make any promises, but you will have the option to join the link sharing program once it’s up and running (I’ll give you an opportunity to have a link to your site, Youtube video, etc. on an upcoming website dedicated to driving traffic!).  More on that once it’s available.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Doodly Review and Bonuses.  I’m excited about this software program and think it is a great opportunity to start your own business, build on your existing business, or just have some fun!

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