Have you heard about it yet?  Anik’s new book is out!

Grab it now (free, just pay to ship).

The last book he wrote was quite revolutionary for the time.  Anik is great about giving out excellent information in his books (more than most people in the industry).

In this new book, eSCAPEAnik identifies the 4 steps on how to go from employee to Entrepreneur.  He actually calls it the eSCAPE Triangle!

It’s taken Anik 2 years to write the book after meetings with other successful entrepreneurs (five of them are billionaires and over 50 of them are millionaires).

Anik identified that all successful entrepreneurs do the same things.  They have the same habits.  

So, Anik got to work and put pen to paper (so to speak) to document those steps for your references.

Right now, you can get the book free (just pay to ship).

Literally, this book will be a game changer.  I like to think of it as the expanded and updated version of Rich Dad.  Remember the 4 quadrants?  Those books came out almost 20 years ago (and more than 26 million of copies have sold over the years).

That series changes people’s lives.  I honestly believe this book is no different!  Anik and the Lurn Nation team have put together some wonderful resources- so get your free book while you can!

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