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9 Services You Can Start Selling Within 24 Hours (or Less) - No Prior Experience Required

9 Services You Can Start Selling Within 24 Hours (or Less) No Prior Experience Required

If you’re looking to start your own online business selling services or if you already have a business and want to add services, this is for you! Here are 9 services you can start selling within 24 hours (or less).  

Really, you do not need prior experience to start any of these.  This article is a compilation of all of the videos, resources, and ideas for offering these 9 services.

You can skip to any of the following sections by clicking on the link! (Please note this page will continue to add elements, so some sections may not be ready but will be coming in the next few days).

Overview Of The 9 Services

9 Services You Can Start Selling Within 24 Hours or Less Overview of Services

This is the first video in the series!

In this video, you’ll get an overview of 9 services you can learn and start promoting within 24 hours.

*You do not need any prior experience.*

In the next video, you’ll learn about some different ways to find prospects and generate leads.

Then, the next videos will each cover the different services.

Now that you have an idea of 9 different services you can start offering as a service (within 24 hours if you want), take a look at the different services.

The next section covers 3 different ways you can find prospects and leads when offering services.  It will NOT include a discussion about using family and friends (you can still do that, but it’s fairly basic).

Instead, let’s explore 3 targeted methods.  Then, in the later videos, we’ll talk about specific strategy and link back to these methods as they relate.

3 Methods To Find Prospects and Leads When Offering Services

3 Methods to find prospects and leads when offering services

I’m always surprised that there are so many “sales” training programs that start by telling you to talk to family and friends.  

Sure, this is a strategy (and exceptionally useful if your family and friends have good connections).  This strategy tends to be one strategy that most people want to avoid.

I will say one benefit of your friends and family referring you to their friends is that it helps build your rapport…which means if they are looking to make the purchase, you’re better off with the referral than without it.

Since the family and friends sales strategy is fairly common, let’s look at 3 methods that can help you target strangers that need your services.

Resources mentioned in the video:


Messenger & IG DM Bot:

Search Google My Business Listings With Mapify 360:

Linkedin Lead Generation Company:

True B2B platform:

Virtual Assistant:



Service 1- Selling Apps

Creating and Selling Apps As A Service

Creating apps for websites is a great service to offer.  This might be one of the BEST services you can provide a business right now.

Why? Because every business in the world needs more ways to communicate with their customers.

Whether it’s due to CENSORSHIP by pretty much every major platform, or because the social media reach is less than 1% on some platforms – apps are a critical component of marketing.

Until recently, building an app required extensive coding.  Now, there are software programs to help you get started building apps in less than 24 hours.

Video coming soon!

As mentioned in the video, there are plenty of app software programs out there.  Some businesses will need custom options – but not most businesses.

For local businesses, smaller ecommerce sites, legal but restricted businesses (like CBD oil), and any business that has a loyal following (and they are willing to communicate regularly) – this is a great opportunity. 

I even recommend this for local politicians and smaller government entities as a way to communicate with their community.


I love this software and show how to use it in the video:

A word of caution, though.  I recommend this software because it is easy to use and really inexpensive.  Since it is a one-time payment option (at the time I’m writing this), there is the risk that it could eventually stop working.

Of course, you run that risk with any software – so follow standard agency practice and maintain a backup in case you need to re-create the app in a new software down the line.

There are other options for app creation, but this is the one I recommend if you want to get started within 24 hours or less.

Service 2 - Rewards/Loyalty Programs

Rewards and loyalty programs are excellent resources for businesses that rely on returning customers.

Offering a service like this is a great way to generate recurring maintenance and hosting fees (even though the software I recommend doesn’t currently charge for this).

The primary service you offer is to create and set-up the rewards/loyalty program for your client.  This is a service easily combined with other offers.

Plus, you can add in maintenance fees and offer this as a recurring service to clients.

Service 3 - Creating eBooks & Reports

Offer eBooks & Reports as a Service - Start Offering The Service in 24 hours or less

EBooks and reports are excellent resources as giveaways to capture leads or to sell as low-ticket offers to get entry level customers/clients.

The main challenges business owners face is that they either don’t have the time to create the eBook/report, or they don’t have the desire.

This makes it an excellent service to offer!  Plus, you can combine this easily with copywriting services!

Video coming soon!

Recommended software:

***If you want to actually create eBooks and sell them directly on Amazon (instead of provide a service) check out this Free Report and Free Training Event: The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create a Passive Income using Amazon WITHOUT Any Physical Products or Breaking the Bank…plus, get a free report on the 3 steps to build income streams! 

Service 4 - Funnel Designer

Offer Funnel Design Services - Learn and Start Selling in 24 Hours or Less

Funnel Designer – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Recommended resources:

If you are new to funnels or need a refresher, watch this free training:

Clickfunnels 14 day free trial: 

Free Report and Free training on “How We Scaled To $291K In 30 Days Using High Converting Sales Funnels Built By Simple Point-and-Click Software”:



Service 5 - Copywriting

Copywriting – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Recommended resources:

Free copywriting training:

Free copywriting book (just pay shipping):

Service 6 - Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO Services – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Recommended Resources:

FREE TRAINING: SEO Insider Reveals How He Uses AI to Rank at the TOP of Google:

This second resource helps with branding and visibility, as well as creating backlinks.  You’ll see the amazing value of “marketing omnipresence” in the free training:

Service 7 - Video Creation

Offer Video Creation Services - Learn and Start Selling in 24 Hours or Less

Video Creation services – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Recommended Resources:

This tool has a free version with plenty of options to get started:

Professional Intros/Outros/Overlays that are super simple to use:

Doodle Style Videos:

Instagram Stories (also great for Pinterest vertical videos):

Screen recording and Live Streaming (free to stream to one channel and free to record your screen):

Service 8 - Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Recommended Resources:

Best Priced Email Marketing Software:

If you want to learn more about email marketing, I highly recommend this free training:

Service 9 - Messenger Marketing & Instagram Direct Message Marketing

Offer Messenger & Instagram Marketing Services - Learn and Start Selling in 24 Hours or Less

Messenger marketing & Instagram direct message marketing – coming soon!

Video coming soon!

Get a 14 day free trial of Chatmatic here (and free for up to 500 subscribers):

Additional Training & Resources For Selling Services

Free Report and Free Training Event: How to Partner with Course Creators in Any Niche to Earn Up to $500/Day Without Your Own Product…plus, get the free report on the 3 steps to team up with influencers!

Free Training Event: This Presenter Built up to 6-Figures in 6 Steps Using Done-For-You ‘Shout Out’ Campaigns…and how to take any product, business, website or content and advertise it across major news sites, high traffic blogs, podcast directories, video sites and more, in multiple formats, all automatically! :