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#1 Clickbank Affiliate Shows How To Use Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing

April 6, 2020 | Advertorial | Dr. Kim Christian


If you’re new to affiliate marketing or want to know how to run Facebook ads to your affiliate offers, you need to read this…

Robby Blanchard reveals Commission Hero

For a limited time, Commission Hero PRO is available – see the Commission Hero Pro Review for more information.

Summary:  Affiliate Marketing is VERY profitable for many people…but only if you have traffic.  Commission Hero teaches how to drive traffic to affiliate offers using Facebook ads.  Robby Blanchard is the #1 affiliate on Clickbank.  He teaches the exact methods he uses to run Facebook ads to affiliate offers at a profit.  You can see how to run Facebook ads to affiliate offers on the Commission Hero free webinar.

Can You Really Run Facebook Ads To Affiliate Offers?

The short answer is yes!  The longer answer is – as long as you follow the rules and guidelines set forth by Facebook.

Robby Blanchard is the #1 affiliate on Clickbank.  His success comes from running Facebook ads to affiliate offers.  He uses a simple 3 step system to generate his sales.

*Robby’s profits are not “normal” (he is the #1 affiliate on Clickbank…so, that means everyone else on Clickbank is below him).  The point of showing profits from Robby is to illustrate his system is NOT a fluke or something short lived.  He has used his simple 3 step system for more than 3 years now.  Robby explains his process in this free webinar.

Robby Blanchard Teaches Commission Hero Simple 3 Step System

Robby Blanchard is the top affiliate on the Clickbank platform, generating $1,000+ per day using a simple 3 step system.  

Take a look at some of his past commissions:

Commission Hero Profit Example

While you can’t expect to make similar commissions immediately, Robby says “this is the best and simplest way to make money online.”

In the free webinar, Robby will show you how to tap into his simple 3 step system and start generating up to $1,000 per day and get on track to a run rate of 6 figures online…this year…in the next 30 days with his Commission Hero program.

Commission Hero

What You Don't Need To Profit With Commission Hero

Many programs discuss several additional strategies you need to learn and implement to make their program work. 

Robby shows you how he uses Facebook and Clickbank only – both resources are free to sign up.  Here are a few of the strategies other programs require that Commission Hero does not need for you to make money:

  • You do NOT need an email list
  • You do NOT need your own product
  • You do NOT need your own website
  • You do NOT need a lot of time (about 1-2 hours a day when you first get started)
  • You do NOT need a huge budget ($10-$30 per day to get started)

Robby reveals how you can get started using Facebook Ads and Clickbank to promote affiliate products and generate thousands of dollars in commissions.

Robby Blanchard Reveals 3 Secrets To Profit

Commission Hero 3 Secrets to profit

In the free webinar, Robby Blanchard shows you exactly how to use Facebook to generate thousands of dollars per day, even if you don’t have a product or any experience.

These three secrets are revealed in the webinar:

#1 – How you can find the BEST and highest paying offers to make the MOST money possible.

#2 – How you can use your Facebook account to run ads for other people’s products on Clickbank for BIG commission.

#3 – How you can use Robby’s 3 step method that psychologically forces people to buy your offers.

When you stay to the end of the webinar, Robby will GIVE you the actual ad he uses to make $1,000 per day, every single day for the last 3+ years.

What Is Commission Hero?

Robby reveals everything you need to know in his FREE WEBINAR.  For those of you that want to get started faster or get coaching, then Commission Hero is for you.

After you have seen the webinar, Robby will introduce you to the Commission Hero Program which also includes:

  • Lifetime Access To The Private Coaching Group
  • Done For You Landing Pages
  • Million Dollar Image Swipe File
  • Limited Time Bonuses (only announced in the webinar)

The Commission Hero Program is normally $3,497 (just the program, not all the other items).  For a limited time, you can get the program plus all the items mentioned above for $997 or 2 payments of $597.

Check out the free webinar by clicking the button below and see if Commission Hero is for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you’re probably wondering ‘what’s the big deal’?  How can you possibly make money with the system?  What’s the process?

If you already have an idea of affiliate marketing, check out Robby’s free webinar on Commission Hero here.

If you are completely new – this business model is basically where you recommend products/services/programs to other people and you make money.  Sometimes the payment is called a commission, but you are NOT an employee of the company, so it’s more like a referral fee.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Different affiliate programs offer different rates for your referral fee or affiliate commissions.  Generally, you want to aim for programs that offer 40% commission or more.

There are offers that are inexpensive at $10 or $15 and programs that range into the thousands of dollars.  If you have a lower price program and a 40% commission, you might see $4 on a $10 product. 

In comparison, a program that sells for $1,000 would generate you $400 in affiliate commission.

There are even programs that offer higher commissions, so you make more money when you promote those products!  

About The Author- Dr. Kim Christian

Dr Kim Christian

Thanks for taking the time to read my content!  I am Dr. Kim Christian, but the only person that calls me that is my daughter when she’s pretending she’s opening a business!

Most people just call me Kim (or mommy when my daughter isn’t playing business owner).

My priority is to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners build sustainable businesses both “in the real world” as well as online! 

If you are new to affiliate marketing, claim your free access to our affiliate marketing course: How To Build A Full-Time Income With Affiliate Marketing.

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